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Can Dogs Eat Applesauce?

Can Dogs Eat Apple Sauce?

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Apple sauce is widely loved for its sweet and tangy flavour that makes it a perfect complement to dishes such as roast pork, and some unsweetened, homemade apple sauces can also be nutritionally beneficial for humans, but is this the case for our dogs?

Is it safe to give your dog apple sauce? Keep reading to find out if dogs can eat apple sauce and if they can see the same benefits as us.

Can dogs eat apple sauce?

Yes, dogs can eat apple sauce provided it’s plain. Homemade apple sauce is essentially just apple (which is not toxic for dogs) in its cooked form, so this is safe for your dog to enjoy as an occasional treat.

However, whether you’re making apple sauce at home, or buying it readymade from the shop, many recipes – especially US ones - include ingredients like lemon juice and zest, cider vinegar, cinnamon and other spices, which could irritate your pup’s stomach! Many apple sauce products also include large amounts of sugar, which won’t offer any nutritional benefit, but can contribute to obesity and dental disease, so is generally best avoided. And some readymade apple sauces may also contain sweeteners, such as xylitol, which is toxic for pups, in addition to thickeners, food colouring and preservative ingredients which may also be harmful for your dog. Because of this we would only recommend offering your pet small amounts of homemade apple sauce made from fresh apples alone, to avoid any hidden ingredients that could cause problems for your dog.

Is apple sauce good for dogs?

Homemade, plain apple sauce does contain fibre and vitamins like C and A, as well as phosphorous and calcium, but these are all things your dog will get from their complete and balanced diet, so there’s no need to supplement your dog’s diet with apple sauce. Additionally, as we only recommend offering your dog a small amount of apple sauce, it’s unlikely the nutrients involved will really make a difference to their diet.

However, readymade apple sauce, purchased from the supermarket, may not be okay for your dog to eat. As we’ve already mentioned, these options can be loaded with sugars, preservatives, colours, flavourings and thickeners, and these chemical additives aren’t good for your dog to consume.

How to feed apple sauce to dogs

If you want to offer your pup a small amount of apple sauce as a treat, stick to plain, fresh homemade applesauce, and only offer your pup the occasional teaspoon.

We would also advise to stick to using apples as your only ingredient to make your sauce, peeled and with their cores removed. It’s also important to make sure you remove all the seeds from your apples, as well as the stalk, as these can contain cyanide – which is poisonous for pups (and for you!). Mash your apple sauce thoroughly before offering it to your pup, to make sure you remove any large pieces of apple, as these can sometimes cause choking, especially in very small dogs or if your dog wolfs it down without chewing. And avoid adding additional sugar and other ingredients if you’re planning on offering your dog some of your apple sauce. It’s far healthier for you that way too!

When feeding your dog treats – such as apple sauce –remember to follow the 10% rule, making sure that no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake comes from treats, with the other 90% coming from their complete and balanced dog food.

Before you offer your pup human food, it’s best to speak to your vet or vet nurse for advice. They’ll be able to tell you if it’s OK to give them treats from your table or if it should be avoided for your dog altogether. While most dogs can tolerate additions to their diet without any issues, some are more sensitive, so it is best to err on the side of caution.

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