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Dog sniffing a plate of baked beans

Can Dogs Eat Baked Beans?

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Baked beans are a British staple. We love to enjoy them as an addition to a tasty fry up or loaded onto hot buttered toast as a cosy lunch or lazy dinner. Us humans adore these little vegetables so much and find them so delicious that it’s caused many a pooch owner to pause and wonder “can dogs eat baked beans?”

If you want to know whether you can share a snack with your pup or are a little concerned because your four-legged friend has just hoovered up some baked beans that they sneaked from your plate, keep reading to find out if dogs can have baked beans.

Can dogs eat baked beans?

The short answer is no, your dog shouldn’t eat baked beans. Although the beans themselves aren’t toxic, the sauce they come in can contain ingredients which may harmful, so it’s not a good idea to feed your dog baked beans in tomato sauce or any other flavours.

However, a small quantity is unlikely to cause much harm so it’s probably not too much of a cause for concern if you’ve spilt some of your dinner and your dog has scoffed it off the floor.

Are baked beans good for dogs?

Baked beans do form one of our five a day as humans, but they don’t carry the same benefits for dogs who will be getting everything they need from a high quality, complete and balanced dog food. Baked beans are high in salt and sugar and some even contain high-fructose corn syrup. A dog eating baked beans could lead to stomach upset including diarrhoea. As baked beans are so high in sugar, you should never give them to dogs with diabetes who should be on a controlled diet which will limit the type and quantity of treats they can be offered.

Baked beans and pancreatitis

The occasional baked bean is unlikely to cause any real harm, but if your dog consumes them on a regular basis it could lead to an increased risk of pancreatitis. While the underlying cause of pancreatitis is not always known, certain dietary factors can increase the risk of your dog developing this painful condition in which the pancreas becomes inflamed. Pancreatitis can have the following symptoms, although many of these can also be linked to other causes:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Increased thirst
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Fever
  • Abnormal posture (arching back)

What should I do if my dog has eaten baked beans?

If your dog has only eaten a small quantity of baked beans, it’s unlikely to cause any issues unless your dog has an allergy to one of the ingredients. Monitor them for 24 hours after eating and if you notice any concerning signs such as the ones listed above, contact your vet for advice. Now you know the answer to ‘can dogs eat baked beans in tomato sauce?’ Want to find out about more human foods and if they’re safe for your four-legged friend? Learn if dogs can eat potatoes, next.