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New Study Reveals the Many Benefits of Having a Dog

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A new study has revealed that there are many benefits of a dog that some of us might not have considered.
A poll of 1,265 dog owners in the UK was commissioned by Purina and has revealed the positive impact that owning a dog can have on your mental and physical health and social life. See the fascinating results below!

How does having a dog benefit your mental and physical health?

The results of the Purina survey highlighted the benefits of having a dog on mental and physical health.
82% of people felt that going on a dog walk allows them to escape from their daily life pressures and improves their mental health. Only 7% thought it didn’t have any impact.

Not only have these outdoor walks positively impacted mental health, but 69% of participant dog owners agreed that their fitness has improved since owning a dog as well. 
This is supported by 79% of dog owners agreeing that owning a dog has encouraged them to become more active outdoors. 59% said that they take 8 or more walks a week with their dog, with 31% even saying that they spend 9+ hours outdoors each week.

Dog owners also claimed to visit a variety of places outdoors. The local park was the most popular with 60% of participants walking their dogs there. Street walks through cities and towns were also popular with 48% of respondents. 
Dog owners are finding many places that create a stimulating environment to walk their pets, and it’s clear that we humans find the walks enjoyable and refreshing too. 

Overall, the research shows that owning a dog means spending more regular and scheduled periods outside which, in turn, improves mental health by providing moments of escape from life’s daily stresses.

How does having a dog benefit your social life?

The positive correlation between walking dogs and the dog owner’s social life is clear in the results of this study. 

66% of those surveyed have disclosed owning a dog and taking them out for walks has encouraged them to be more social with new people. Just 2% of those surveyed believed that owning a dog has made them less sociable.

This was supported by 79% of participants agreeing that they’re more likely to talk to a new person when they’re out with their dog than when they are without them. This statistic is also reflected in their confidence in talking to people, with 59% agreeing they are more confident talking to new people when walking their dog. 

Just under 1 in 2 (44%) of respondents even said that they have made a new friend when out on a dog walk. 

The same goes for their furry friends – 67% of dog owners said that their dog had also made a friend whilst on a walk. 

From this study, the evidence shows the benefits of having a dog on a dog owner’s social life, with some of these increasingly confident interactions even developing into friendships. 

Considering adopting a dog?

The positive results of this poll might just have convinced you to consider adopting a dog! Of course, you’ll want to be prepared for this and we have just the right articles on getting a dog to support you.