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What Type of Dog Owner Are You? Quiz!

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It’s often easy to think about life BD and AD (‘before dog’ and ‘after dog’) and assume that any dog you bring into your home will change your life in the same way. This couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s why many dogs find themselves in rescue organisations or just unhappy (along with their owner). There are different types of dog owners, just as there are different types of dog breeds with various needs. So, it’s important to find the right match: a dog whose needs fit into your life and your expectations, so you can both be happy together.

So often we just look at the dog part of this matchmaking process but it’s important to look at the other end of the lead too and think about what kind of dog owner you are going to be.

Be honest as you work through our ‘What Type of Dog Owner Are You?’ quiz. There are no right or wrong answers, but it might just help guide you to your perfect canine partner.

Q1: Dogs love the outdoors! What are your views on the great outdoors?

a)    Love it! Can’t wait to be outside walking, hiking, exploring… and don’t like being stuck in the house
b)    I enjoy a daily walk (especially if the weather is fine) but nothing too strenuous before getting back home to relax
c)    It’s OK as long as it’s not wet or cold
d)    Sorry… I’m an indoor person


Q2: You’ll need to puppy-proof your home! How houseproud are you?

a)    As long as my home is comfortable and hygienic, the rest doesn’t really matter
b)    I like things tidy and in their place - although sometimes I can let things get a bit messy for a day or two
c)    I don’t go over the top but I do always like everything tidy and clean
d)    I’m a bit of a ‘clean freak’ – and am not happy unless everything is spotless


Q3: Dogs love to run around! What does ideal dog-owning look like to you?

a)    My dog will come absolutely everywhere with me and I am looking forward to getting involved in new dog activities and sports
b)    My dog will be an active part of the family and I’m looking forward to getting more exercise and doing some training but I do have a life outside of that
c)    My dog will have to fit into the family – although I know I will have to do some walking
d)    My life won’t change – it’ll just have a dog in it


Q4: All dogs need training – how do you feel about that?

a)    I can’t wait! Puppy classes, socialisation classes, adolescent classes, ongoing dog training and dog activities and sports… I want to do it all
b)    Training is part of dog owning and I know it helps build the bond between dog and their person so I’ll be signing up for classes straightaway
c)    I know I have to train my dog but it’s not something I’m that excited by 
d)    I really don’t fancy it and after all, dogs can muddle along without any training


Q5: What’s your view on dog hair?

a)    I really don’t mind – and all dogs shed their hair everywhere, don’t they? It’s what a vacuum cleaner is for!
b)    A bit of hair is part of dog owning but I don’t want everything covered!
c)    I’d prefer that a dog keeps its hair to itself but I’m not going to object to a little
d)    No way – my house and clothes need to be spotless and let’s face it, dog hair gets everywhere.

Q6: Most dogs are playful. Is this something you are looking forward to?

a)    I can’t wait to play with my dog, invent new games we can do together, have fun with interactive dog toys – and build the bond between us with play and games

b)    Play will be a fun part of dog owning and I’m looking forward to having a playmate as well as a companion
c)    I know dogs enjoy play – and I will make time to share in this with them
d)    I’ll give my dog toys so that they can play by themselves

Q7: All dogs need grooming to stay healthy and happy. Is this something you will enjoy?

a)    Part of dog owning is making sure my dog is always well groomed, tangle-free and clean – and I’m looking forward to that as much as the other aspects of dog ownership
b)    Grooming doesn’t exactly thrill me but I know it is a key part of keeping a dog healthy and happy so it will be part of my daily routine
c)    I prefer a fairly low maintenance dog that maybe only needs grooming a couple of times a week, and I’m up for that
d)    My own hair takes enough effort that I don’t really have much time to be worrying about a dog’s hair too


Q8: How do you feel about noise?

a)    Dogs bark! I don't have close neighbours and so I really don’t mind if a dog does dog things
b)    I’m expecting a bit of barking and as long as it isn’t constant, I don’t mind at all
c)    I don't mind but I have people living very close to me that might be disturbed by a dog barking so I’d rather have a quiet dog
d)    I’m all about the peace and quiet


Q9: How much company can you give your dog?

a)    My dog will be with me all the time whatever I’m doing and will hardly ever be left
b)    I’ll be able to take my dog most places with me but will need to spend a few hours alone now and then but I’m happy to get a dog sitter when needed
c)    My dog will be left for a few hours every day but I don’t expect that to be a problem
d)    I work full time so the dog will be left alone every day but I should be around at the weekend


Q10: Dogs are great when it comes to giving unconditional love. How would you like that expressed?

a)    I want full-on canine love – constant contact, sitting on me, following me everywhere, soliciting affection, licks, cuddles… the works! That’s part of why I want a dog
b)    I like a dog who shows me that they love me – so lots of affection but not over-the-top as I need a bit of space
c)    I’m up for stroking and affection when I have the time but don’t want a dog who is all over me
d)    I like my dogs to be a bit more like cats – so be a bit more independent in their love

What type of dog owner are you? Quiz answers

Man and his dog embracing eye contact

Mostly A’s

There is no doubt that you want a dog in your life – and you are going to be the ideal owner for just about any dog lucky enough to come into your life. You would probably do well with many of the gundog breeds as they would share your love of exercise, play, training, your need for exuberant canine affection, and not worry too much if they brought the great outdoors indoors! 


Mostly B’s

You are probably like most dog owners. There are some parts you will absolutely love that will enhance your life – and some parts you’ll do because you know they are important both for your dog and as a responsible owner. There is a huge variety of dog breeds that will fit into your life but choosing one that will need more of the things you love and less of the things that you’re less keen on, will be key to a happy life together.


Mostly C’s

A dog can fit into your life but you do need to choose one of the lower maintenance dog breeds in terms of exercise, training, grooming and care. Do remember that all dogs need your love and attention – and do need at least one walk every day. You should perhaps consider taking on an adult dog from rescue as you will know exactly what they will grow into in – and they are far less work than a puppy in those early months.


Mostly D’s

You really aren’t ready for the realities of dog owning. Dogs change your life - and you like yours exactly as it is. Neither you or your dog would be happy. Perhaps consider getting a cat (if your life and home would suit that) or else keep coming back to this quiz each year or so to see if your answers change.


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