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Top 10 best dog breeds for travel

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Lots of dogs will happily accompany you on outings but here are some choices you might not have thought about.

Toy or Miniature Poodle

These clever, friendly, non-shedding dogs are small enough to fit on laps or in carriers under seats, are robust enough to not get stood on or tripped over, and can be clipped to deal with any weather. The Miniature Poodle is a dog breed good for traveling who will adore being with their person, wherever they go, and can be equally happy (with appropriate socialisation and habituation) in the town or the country, the pub or the palace! The Toy Poodle might be a little more talkative though.


This is the ultimate in travel-sized companions – in fact, the Chihuahua is so small, many people won’t even notice you have a dog with you (and those that do, will usually happily accept such a tiny canine).

They do need a lot of early socialisation and habituation to turn them into a really confident, outgoing dog – and toilet training can take a long time because of their tiny digestive systems - but they can be trained to an unexpectedly high standard and will love accompanying you everywhere you go (which is just as well, as they hate being left alone).


Although quite a tall dog, the Whippet folds up very tiny and will fit into any tent (possibly even in your sleeping bag!), boat, caravan or luxury hotel room. Quietly elegant, they are welcome most places, and once there, will be totally unobtrusive.

Pack them a jumper or two though as they do feel the cold, and don’t do rain!

Parson Russell Terrier

Enchanting looking little terriers capable of walking for miles, curling up small, fitting into a lorry cab or similar small space, the Parson Russell Terrier is a  good dog breed for traveling and a great watchdog companion for those on the move.

Whether you want a walking companion, a pub dog, or a driver’s mate, they will fit the bill perfectly.


For those who like a larger dog, the Saluki’s exotic, glamorous looks get them access to places other hounds can only dream of. Easy to groom and keep looking fabulous, and they curl up small too!

They do need early socialisation and habituation in your ideal habitats – and while they are ‘go anywhere’ dogs, they need to be on a lead, as recall can often be a challenge/impossibility!

See more on how you can train your puppy to walk on a lead.


If your ideal companion is a really big dog that you still want to accompany you everywhere you go, the Deerhound might well fit the bill. For such a giant, they can be quite unobtrusive, they clean and brush up easily, are easy going with strangers, and take to travelling well.

You will however need a very big car/van – and warn even the most dog-friendly of establishments that you are bringing a LOT of dog! For those that welcome you both however, be prepared to be the topic of conversation and attention.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Adorable, portable, pretty and easy to keep clean, - and easy to train - the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes people, and is happy to be wherever you are. They’re great for caravan or cottage holidays and can behave nicely in the most upmarket of hotels.

Sadly they can often be beset with serious health problems however, so you need to find the most responsible of breeders, an excellent vet and an extremely good insurance policy.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a tiny, dainty and very portable mini Greyhound that you’ll want to dress up warmly - as they do not do the cold, or the wet, or even the slightly damp! They can walk a reasonable distance, will fit in any vehicle, and won’t disgrace themselves, whether your venue is a posh hotel or a remote cottage.

Though they are a good dog breed for traveling, They’re also extremely delicate – especially as puppies – and so keeping them on a harness and lead will keep them out of trouble and away from any potential injury – especially when the dog zoomies hit!

Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher is a good dog breed for travel as they’re a pocket sized dog who is clean and low maintenance – and will be a great companion for hiking and camping trips. They are easy to carry when necessary, will take up no space on pub or café stops, but are still more than capable of covering decent distances under their own power.

Not just a companion, they will also alert you to tent-raiding wildlife (and take appropriate action given half a chance) and any night time intruders, and will be social…although they may mooch sausages from other campers!

Picardy Sheepdog

Not really a dog for upmarket hotels or posh restaurants (although could turn their paw to it if needed – and well enough trained), this is the ultimate country, all-terrain, go anywhere, do anything dog. Not only that, but they are also unusual enough to make you the centre of attention wherever you go. Athletic enough for hikers or long-distance walkers, fits into a small space for travel or pub visits, characterful looks that will win over the least dog friendly humans, and capable of a high level of training without being too intense to live with, the Picardy Sheepdog is a great dog to share your adventures with.

We hope this article on some good dog breeds to travel was helpful! Remember, not all breeds are great at travelling, so it’s important to choose a breed that’s happy to go anywhere. Similarly, you should never leave your dog at home whilst you’re travelling. Next, check out our articles on car travelling tips and how to travel with your dog on a plane!