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Your Pet, Our Passion.

Felix. It's Great to Be a Cat! By Robbie Williams. Peek Behind The Scenes!

Welcome to an insider's look at all that went into bringing our campaign to life!

Felix and Robbie together with coffee mug
The Puurrfect Combination!
This superstar is a super fan of cats and always has been. Learn more in our exclusive interview.
Felix and Robbie together with microphone
Join The FUN!
Games, duets, challenges and more ways to show off why it's great to be your cat.
Felix and Robbie, Felix eating food in bowl
It's Good To Be Robbie Williams…
But it's GREAT to be a cat… especially with Felix's delicious range of meals and snacks.
Felix and Robbie together with microphone
Let Us Entertain you!
What's better than Robbie Williams? Robbie and Felix together!
Felix licking his lips
Explore Felix cat food
Discover the irresistible range of Felix cat food and treats.
Felix and Goody bag treats
Treat Yourself!
Irresistable, fun and delicious FELIX treats are a tasty way to make every day Great To Be A Cat!