Your Pet, Our Passion.

Felix. It's Great to Be a Cat! By Robbie Williams. The purrrrfect combination!

Master vocalist, amazing entertainer, cat lover… Robbie and Felix sure do create one dynamic duo!

Why people love Felix

Felix and Robbie
" I don't agree with the term scaredy cat because I don't see my cats being fearful at all. They have the heart of a lion inside this cuddly little casing".
Felix and Robbie
“I am nocturnal so I am much like a cat. It's a serene time when the rest of the world is asleep, I'm creating all night long, in the sanctuary of my own home surrounded by my cats!”
Felix and Robbie
“I think artists find a muse in cats because there's a sincere elegance to cats. Their beauty is absolute and that's inspirational.”
Felix and Robbie
“It's great to be a cat because you sleep all day, party all night, and everybody wants to sit next to you!”
Felix and Robbie
“Curiosity always gets the better of me, anything that I’m not allowed to do...I want to do it!”
Felix and Robbie
“We’ve got two cats, seven dogs, and four kids...if you take any of those things out of the equation it’s not a home.”
Felix and Robbie
“Our two cats are Priscilla and Elvis. Priscilla is quite regal and Elvis is quite naughty.”
Felix and Robbie
“There are a lot of things about the world that need changing, but overall I think we need more love.”

The Cat's Out Of The Bag!

Learn more about Robbie's life with cat's in this exclusive interview.

Robbie and Felix on stage
Felix and Robbie, Felix eating food in bowl
It's Good To Be Robbie Williams…
But it's GREAT to be a cat… especially with Felix's delicious range of meals and snacks.
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Get a special look at real footage from the making of Robbie Williams version of It's Great To Be A Cat for Felix.
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Join The FUN!
Games, duets, challenges and more ways to show off why it's great to be your cat.
Felix and Robbie together with microphone
Let Us Entertain You!
What's better than Robbie Williams? Robbie and Felix together!
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