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Pro Plan® Dry Cat Food

PRO PLAN® Kitten Allergen Reducing LIVECLEAR® Turkey Dry Cat Food

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  • Reduces allergens on cat hair from 3 weeks of feeding*.
  • Helps support a healthy immune system thanks to high protein levels and vitamins C and E.
  • Proven to help promote digestive health thanks to natural prebiotics.
  • Contains DHA to help support healthy vision and brain development.
Product overview


  • Reduces allergens on cat hair from 3 weeks of feeding*.
  • Helps support a healthy immune system thanks to high protein levels and vitamins C and E.
  • Proven to help promote digestive health thanks to natural prebiotics.
  • Contains DHA to help support healthy vision and brain development.
  • High quality Turkey n°1 ingredient.

Discover PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR - the 1st cat-allergen reducing food offering cat owners a safe, effective and feline-friendly approach to reducing their explosure to allergens - whilst keeping cats in their homes and on their laps.

HOW LIVECLEAR WORKS: all cats produce a common allergen called Fel d1 in their saliva. When cats eat LIVECLEAR, a specific protein sourced from eggs binds to the Fel d1 and safely neutralises it in the cat’s mouth. And when fed daily, LIVECLEAR reduces the allergens on cat hair by an average of 47%, starting from 3 weeks*. With continuous feeding, you are providing excellent nutrition for your cat plus maintaining the extraordinary benefit of reducing allergens on cat hair.

PRO PLAN LIVECLEAR KITTEN offers an outstanding complete and great-tasting nutrition for the long-term health of your kitten as it helps support a healthy immune system, healthy vision and brain development and proven to help promote digestive health thanks to natural prebiotics.

Discover a difference LIVECLEAR could make to your allergen management routine - to get you and your cat closer.

* Satyaraj Eet al, Immunity Inflammation and Disease2197(2):68-73.

All PRO PLAN® products are formulated to make the most of high-quality ingredients, delivering efficient nutrient absorption and targeted benefits at every stage of life. In fact, we are so sure your pet will love it, that we are offering the chance to try PRO PLAN® risk free, with 100% money back guarantee*.

Terms and conditions apply, see for more details.

Ingredients & nutrition


Turkey (16%)
Dried turkey protein
Soya protein powder
Pea protein
Pork fat
Corn protein meal
Corn starch
Dried chicory root (2%)
Dried egg
Egg yolk powder
Fish oil


4249 kcal/kg

Nutrition & Analytical Constituents

Protein: 40.0%
Fat content: 20.0%
Crude ash: 7.5%
Crude fibres: 1.5%
DHA: 0.05%.

Nutritional additives

Vit A: 36,800;
Vit D3: 1,200;
Vit E: 670.

Vit C: 140;
Iron (II) sulphate monohydrate (Fe: 90);
Calcium iodate anhydrous (I: 2.3);
Copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate (Cu: 14);
Manganous sulphate monohydrate (Mn: 43);
Zinc sulphate monohydrate (Zn: 140);
Sodium selenite (Se: 0.13).

Feeding guide

Did you know that we can offer you a more accurate feeding recommendation based on your cat's size and weight? Scroll down, click start and get personalised advice on how much to feed.

Recommended daily amount (g/day)

Cat Age: 4 weeks, Total daily amount: 30g
Cat Age: 12 weeks, Total daily amount: 55g
Cat Age: 26 weeks, Total daily amount: 65g
Cat Age: 52 weeks, Total daily amount: 70g

We recommend introducing LIVECLEAR to your cat's diet gradually by mixing their old food with new over the period of 7 to 10 days to avoid dietary upsets. For sustained benefits, feed daily and store in a cool, dry place. If you stop feeding LIVECLEAR, the allergen-reduction effect will stop. Amounts in the table show total daily requirement which needs to be served as 2-3 separate meals.

While LIVECLEAR should remain as primary diet, supplementing with occasional wet food or a treat is acceptable.
Clean, fresh water should always be available. LIVECLEAR is not intended to replace other allergen-reduction strategies but to offer a meaningful extra measure that can help reduce the allergen burden in cat households.


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  • Product Benefit
  • 4.6
  • Product Quality
  • 5
  • Pro Plan range offers targetted health benefits to support pet's long-term health
  • 4.9
"Fantastic Food"

I have been feeding my cat Pro Plan Liveclear Kitten 1-12M Rich in Turkey Dry Cat Food for around a month now and so far I'm impressed. I want my cats food to be enjoyable whilst offering her the best in terms of nutrition.

She was instantly intrigued and excited as soon as I opened the bag. There's a pleasant meaty aroma which is probably the reason she was so eager to see what was inside. I initially started her on a small amount so she got used to it. Each little tasty turkey bite is soft and easy for her to eat. She's really enjoying her mealtimes now and I don't have to worry about waste or it going off. She gobbles all portions up and appears satisfied. She's bright eyed, full of energy and sleeps well. Knowing she's getting all the nutrition she needs in her diet puts my mind at ease. She's healthy and happy.

Some of my family have allergies and sensitivities to cat hair so I was amazed that Purina have developed this product to reduce allergens in cat hair and dander. I can honestly call this a gamechanger. My daughter can now stroke her without having skin reactions and less asthma symptoms. It's made her so happy as she loves our cat.

I highly recommend trying this product for your cat. It's ðefinitely our favourite and we'll be using it from now on.

CamdenAmen |
Sheffield |
August 2023
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"Perfect for even the fussiest of kittens"

I’m so pleased I got the chance to review this product! It arrived in a lovely resealable bag that has the snaps on the corner (personally I prefer to reseal with stickers) this kept the food nice and fresh.

The food was smaller bite sizes which I think is much nicer for kittens and cats alike as they have such small mouths. The food didn’t smell awful like a lot of dry foods do. I put the food down for my kitten she had a sniff and then devoured the food. She actually prefers this to wet food which I think is great as it saves space in the kitchen and I believe it is better for their health and their teeth to have a dry food diet.

My kitten has been fussy since day one and for her to enjoy this and finally put on some weight is amazing and her vet is very pleased with her weight now. I would recommend this food to anyone. We have a much more content kitten now!

LeonieG |
Christchurch |
August 2023
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"Cat loved it!"

My cat loved this food its small kibble is perfect for her. She got very excited and vocal when it was feeding time. Got to say it’s the first time she’s stayed and eaten every bite. It has great nutritional values and definitely a winner with the cats. My cat has been happier since eating this and her coat is a lot healthier. Making things even better as my husband is allergic to the cat hair since using this for his allergies seem to have got better and now he can give the cat a cuddle without sneezing. Which has made him happier and her.
I highly recommend this food and most definitely is now the food we use for our cat.

sutts |
bristol |
August 2023
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"Brilliant concept"

I love the concept of this idea to help reduce allergens for cat owners. I can't say much about my cats as unfortunately they weren't the slightest bit interested in this food

christina110 |
Torquay |
August 2023
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PRO PLAN® Kitten Allergen Reducing LIVECLEAR® Turkey Dry Cat Food
PRO PLAN® Kitten Allergen Reducing LIVECLEAR® Turkey Dry Cat Food