Can my cat sleep with me?

Your cat is sure to like the comfort of your bed. If you’d like to allow your cat to sleep in with you, here are some simple tips to help ensure everyone sleeps well.

Sharing a bed is a sign of closeness, both for your cat and for you. And as contact with your pet reduces stress and slows your heart rate, it can even do you good. However, some advice should be followed before you both settle down for the night.

Although your cat will probably follow your body clock, she may be active during the night. To ensure your sleep is not disturbed, it is advisable to give her enough attention in the day and to not lock her in the room with you when you go to bed. Finally, for good hygiene, brush your cat regularly and treat her against parasites such as fleas and ticks.

A kitten should not be alone

If you plan to sleep apart from your cat, it is advisable to keep your bedroom door closed and offer her a comfortable alternative to your bed in other areas of your home.

However, it is best to make an exception when welcoming a new kitten into your home. Leaving her litter and coming to live with you is a disorientating experience. If you leave her alone it could cause her distress, especially at night. Remember, she’s spent her short life surrounded by her siblings and mother - and now she’s alone in a new home. To avoid confusion and offer reassurance, it is best to allow your kitten into your room for the first few nights. It will also help you bond for the future.

65% of owners sleep with their cat (source
To create a space for your cat to sleep, try putting a blanket up somewhere high, e.g. on top of a cabinet or shelf. Cats feel safe when sleeping up high.