Adult Cat Indoor Formula

Rich in Turkey and Whole Grains

Indoor cats tend to groom themselves more frequently, which can often lead to excess hair in their stomach. Their less active lifestyle can also lead to weight gain, so it’s important to find a cat food for indoor cats that suits their lifestyle.

Our Purina ONE® indoor cat food with Bifensis helps support your indoor cat’s dietary needs. Developed by vets and nutritionists, our Purina ONE indoor cat food with turkey provides your cat with all the essential nutrients they need at every mealtime - whilst also catering for their reduced energy needs, and helping to reduce hairball formation.

The fibres in our formula are proven to remove twice as much hair from the stomach in just 14 days*. Our indoor cat food also has a high protein level to promote a lean and healthy body condition, and a lower fat content to help prevent too much weight gain. Our indoor cat food also contains the natural ingredient chicory, which is proven to reduce litter box odours. It also helps to promote a balanced gut microflora for a healthy digestive system.

Try Purina ONE® Indoor adult cat food with Bifensis today, and help support the everyday nutritional needs of your cat.

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