DualNature™ Cat

with Spirulina. Rich in Salmon

PURINA ONE® DualNature™contains natural Spirulina and comes in an exciting combination of textures. It is 100% complete and balanced, packed with essential nutrients and rich in salmon your cat will love.

Spirulina is a natural ingredient that helps support your cat's healthy immune function. It is a blue- green algae that grows in warm waters in subtropical and tropical areas in the world, known for its unique and robust nutritional profile that contributes to many health benefits. It comes to an exciting combination of dry crunchy kibbles and softer, more tender kibbles, containing high quality protein as good source of amino acids, to help support a healthy digestive tract.

Developed by Purina Vets and Nutritionists. PURINA ONE® DualNature is formulated with high quality ingredients, such as salmon as the number one ingredient.

To provide your cat with a complete and balanced diet that caters for all their needs, try Purina ONE DualNature cat food today.

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