Purina ONE® DualNature
with Spirulina.

Expert Nutrition
Inspired by Nature

Bringing Spirulina from nature to your cat's bowl

Now even your cat can experience the benefits of natural spirulina in their cat food (and not just you)! Spirulina is a blue -green algae that grows in warm waters in subtropical and tropical areas around the world. It has a robust nutritional profile with a range of beneficial properties and is a good antioxidant. Amongst its many benefits, Spirulina contained in Purina ONE® DualNature has the ability to help support your cat's immune function.

Dual-texture kibbles for enjoyment

Developed by Purina vets and nutritionists, Purina ONE DualNature dry cat food contains an exciting combination of dry, crunchy kibbles and soft, more tender kibbles, containing high quality protein as good source of amino acids, to help support a healthy digestive tract. As a result, your cat gets both - health support and enjoyment, at the same time.

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They trust Purina ONE

My cat Loki really loved this cat food and when I finished the bag and tried to go back to his old brand of food, he was not happy! Have since bought more and have a very happy, healthy cat.

Verity, Surrey

Simple ingredients for more sensitive cats whilst still containing the goodness of the food. I absolutely love the resealable bag to keep the food fresh and haven’t come across any other brands where the food is kept as fresh as Purina! Great flavour, texture and size - She licked her bowl clean each time and seemed to have more energy and wanted to play more. Would recommend this food and will be sticking with it!

Alison, West Yorkshire

Missy and myself are delighted with DualNature cat biscuits. Missy enjoyed them from the start and is still enjoying them which takes the pressure off me trying to find food she likes. Will now be buying these for her all the time as she also has a healthy coat by eating these and she seems very happy and content!

Rob Mills, Builth Wells