Bringing Spirulina from nature to your cat’s bowl

Now even your cat can experience the benefits of natural spirulina in their cat food (and not just you)! Spirulina is a blue -green algae that grows in warm waters in subtropical and tropical areas in the world. It has a robust nutritional profile with a range of beneficial properties and is a good antioxidant. Amongst its many benefits, the spirulina in Purina ONE® Dual NatureTM has the ability to help support your cat's healthy immune system.

Dual texture kibbles for enjoyment

Developed by PURINA vets and nutritionists, Purina ONE® Dual NatureTM dry cat food contains an exciting combination of dry, crunchy kibbles and soft, more tender kibbles, containing high quality protein as good source of amino acids, to help support a healthy digestive tract. As a result, your cat gets the benefit of helping to support their health and at the same time a taste we're sure they will love.

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