Wet and Dry food, a mix you can trust

Created by our experts, Purina ONE Dry and Purina ONE Wet provides the essential nutrients your cat needs. Purina ONE Dry provides a crunchy texture your cat will crave, while Purina ONE Wet delivers hydration, not to mention the taste she loves…

Getting started with mixed feeding

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Take Your Time

We recommend allowing 7-10 days for introducing a new food into your cat's diet, so patience is key during the transition.

Make a Positive Introduction

Try feeding a small amount of wet food as a treat after play.
This will help create a positive association with the new food and allow your cat to get accustomed to the taste, texture and smell on her own terms.

Be Consistent & Creative

If your cat doesn't appear eager for one flavor, don't give up.
As cat owners know, cats can be pretty particular.
They often have unique preferences for different flavors.
That's why Purina ONE provides numerous flavor options — from salmon to whitefish to sole to chicken, catering to your cat's individual tastes while supporting balanced nutrition.

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Track her Growing Appetite

Once your cat has shown an appetite for wet food, gradually increase the amount of wet food as you build to the recommended daily serving.

Adjust the Mix

Just be sure to decrease the amount of dry kibble you're serving so you don't over feed. Taking a methodical approach will help avaoid upsetting your cat's dietary cycle. Track her Growing Appetite.

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Observe her Daily Rhythm

Cats are naturally most active just before sunrise and just after dark. If you have a cat that follows these natural rhythms, try feeding wet food early in the morning and after sunset.

Plan for the Day

Measure out the appropriate amount of dry food, and then let your cat graze on kibbles throughout the day.

Monitor for Feeding for Long-term Health

Just remember, cats adapt to eating on different schedules. Find a routine that works best for you and your cat and monitor any fluctuations in her eating habits every day to give you deeper insight into her whole body health.

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