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How to Remove a Tick from a Cat

If you have a cat that likes to explore the outside world, it’s likely that they’ll encounter a tick at some point. Find out how to remove a tick from a cat with this guide.
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How to Take Care of Your Cat This Winter?

This winter season, be aware of how best to take care of your cat during the cold months and what their needs may be. In this article, we’ll list the important factors you should look out for in terms of winter cat care to make sure your pet is safe.

What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat?

What do you do when you find a stray cat? When a cat comes to your window, meowing for food and water, what steps should you take?

6 New Year Resolutions for Your Cat This Year

Soon, it will be that time of year again when we all gather together in parties and count down the end of the year and the beginning of the new one. New Year is a great chance to begin over and to make a list of resolutions. If you are like us, you have already started on that list and have full intentions of keeping your resolutions!

Keeping You and Your Cat Healthy

With all the enjoyment your pet gives you, and you them, it’s easy to forget that as well as being valued family members there are many ways in which your cat can affect your health too.

How to Look After Your Cat's Teeth

Did you know that eight out of ten cats over the age of three have tooth and gum problems? Just like our own teeth, your cat’s teeth accumulate plaque and if this isn’t kept under control, it can lead to tartar and even periodontal disease. You know how important it is to look after your own teeth, so make sure you give that same care and attention to your furry friend’s cat dental care.

The Cat Health Checklist

As a loving pet owner, you’re bound to want the absolute best for your cat, and this all starts with making sure that they are as happy and healthy as possible.

How To Groom Your Cat Properly?

Most cats take real pride in their appearance, spending almost half their waking hours preening themselves to perfection. Being independent creatures, cats are keen to look after themselves, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lend a hand in their pampering routine. Grooming your cat plays a big part in caring for your pet and regular maintenance will mean your cat looks great and feels great too!

Bathing Cats: Everything You Need to Know

Cats don’t usually need baths, but there are some exceptional circumstances. If they’re rolled in something that they can’t wash off themselves, or they have long hair which has become matted, a bath might be a good idea.
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