Pet Nutritional Information FAQs

Keeping your pet's healthy and happy is our number 1 job. From calories to feeding guides, whatever your question on your pet's nutrition, we're happy to help.

Top questions

My pet won't eat their food, what should I do?
What’s the best diet for my dog?
Picking the right diet for your canine companion can be overwhelming with so many different diets available. We understand that and are here to help.
What’s the best diet for my cat?
With so many options, picking the right diet for your feline friend can be overwhelming. Cats are also notoriously fussy which doesn’t help! Our PetCare team is happy to assist.
How much should I be feeding my dog at mealtimes?
Making sure your dog has the correct diet and that you’re feeding the right amount is really important but can also be quite confusing. If you’re not sure, please give our PetCare team a call.
What if my pet is unwell after eating Purina pet food?
If you’re at all concerned about your pet’s health, we always advise talking to your vet directly as a first course of action.