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Your Pet, Our Passion.

Do your foods contain additives/E numbers?

Yes they do. They are needed to ensure that our products are complete, balanced and safe for our pets.
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Additives can be functional or nutritional and are divided into three types:

•    Nutritional – These support many vital functions in the body (e.g., vitamins, trace elements and amino acids)
•    Technological – Help to maintain the food and its flavour, while keeping it safe to eat over time (e.g., preservatives & antioxidants)
•    Sensory – Used to give the product the desired taste, colour and texture (e.g., flavourings)

All additives used in our products are regulated and rigorously controlled in accordance with strict European laws – and can be found in food for human consumption. Their safety is completely proven and once they have passed safety tests, they are assigned an ‘E’ number, (‘E’ stands for ‘Europe') for a period of 10 years. At the end of this ten-year period, each additive has to go through a re-authorisation process.