Using a grooming glove
Using a grooming glove
Using a grooming glove

Every dog owner knows that regular grooming is important for your pup, whether they’re short or long-haired. Brushing removes dead hair, stimulates the natural oil production in your dog’s coat, removes dry or dead skin, and helps to familiarise you with your dog’s body so you’re able to notice any abnormalities that might appear. Sometimes, being brushed simply might not be something that your dog particularly likes – especially if they’re not keen on the brush. Although it’s still smart to get your dog used to a brush slowly and gently by using lots of praise and treats, a dog grooming glove could also be a good option to make grooming a more enjoyable activity for your pet.

What is a dog grooming glove?

A dog grooming glove or dog grooming mitt, is just how it sounds. Shaped like a glove or a mitt, with ridges or bobbles on the palm side, they’re designed to fit over your hands, so that you can essentially groom your pet by stroking them. These days, there are a number of varieties and brands available, so you can try out a few and see which are most comfortable for you and your pet. Of course, once you have your new dog grooming glove, the next step is using it. We’ve put together a few tips for grooming your dog with a dog grooming mitt or glove, so that you and your pup can get the most out of it together.

How to use a dog grooming glove

First, make sure you’re both comfortable and relaxed: it’s always a good idea to have treats on hand, as they can help to keep your pet still and engaged. The next step is an obvious one… put on the glove! If your dog grooming glove has Velcro fastenings to keep it snug, tighten these to make sure it’s on your hand securely before you begin. Then, start the grooming process by stroking your pet using the glove, moving your hand gently in sweeping motions in the direction that their fur grows. Be particularly gentle around sensitive areas like the head, eyes, ears and tummy. As you groom, the surface of the dog grooming glove will accumulate hair; remove this periodically to make sure that it continues to glide smoothly through your pet’s fur.

For tougher knots, it’s advisable to use a comb or brush first, before finishing up with the grooming glove. Making sure to groom with the glove a few times a week will help to avoid more serious tangles that need to be combed out, as well as being a good bonding activity for you and your pup.

Can you use it to bathe your dog?

Depending on the material that your glove or mitt is made from, it may also be suitable for use while washing your pet. Wet and lather up your pup as normal and use the glove to gently massage their fur; great to multitask, this will help to loosen up any dead hair and skin while also cleansing their fur and removing dirt and grime. We recommend always following the instructions on the glove or mitt you have purchased to make sure that you are using it as it was designed.

All in all, a dog grooming glove is a worthwhile addition to your grooming arsenal, especially if your dog tends to be a little nervous when brushed. As with most things, it depends on what is most comfortable for you and your pet. Once you find a grooming routine that works for you, the most important thing is to keep on doing it regularly, to make sure your pup’s coat stays in tip top condition. (Check out our glossary of dog grooming accessories for a list of more dog grooming essentials.)

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