Owner walking Labrador in city
Owner walking Labrador in city
Owner walking Labrador in city

5 Best Types of Dog Walks for Dogs Who Love Walking

Walking is an excellent way for pet owners and dogs to bond. This is especially true if both you and your dog love the outdoors. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love having a companion to explore the outdoors with?

Some dogs love the physical aspect of walking whereas others simply love nature and being in the fresh air.

This article gives you ideas for the five best dog walks for a dog who loves walking.

1. Mountain Walking

We all have our favourite dog walking routes, but what if you wanted to experience something a little different? Mountain hikes may not be for every dog, but they’re definitely a treat for those who are up for the challenge.

If your dog is an athletic dog, then they will love the challenge of a mountain hike. There are several trails now that allow you to explore mountain slopes in safety. They should also explain the level of fitness required to complete the trail. You should take a look at the route and judge whether or not you and your dog are able to complete the hike before starting it.

Dogs love the mental stimulation of walking a mountain trail because there is so much to look out for as you climb. The uneven terrain will also help develop their strength and balance. And let us not forget the reward for choosing a dog walking route in the mountains: the absolutely gorgeous view you get at the top of the mountain!

2. Coastal beach walking

Not only do beaches give you the opportunity to walk in beautiful natural scenery but they also provide your dog with lots of entertainment. Your dog is bound to love the sea and will have plenty of fun chasing the waves. If your dog is well behaved and trained, you can even let him run loose and without a lead—since beaches are usually relatively uncovered, it will probably be easy to keep an eye on him.

It is, of course, important to check if your chosen beach permits dog walking. If it is a dog beach, you should research their rules and ensure you follow them properly.

The beauty of a beach means that a costal beach walk is one of the best dog walks. Your dog will have plenty of room to play. Moreover, the sand will be gentle on his joints.

3. Inner City Walks

Most cities are full of great dog walking routes if you’re willing to find them. A lot of owners walk their dogs in their neighbourhood, taking them down the same paths. Why not take your dog into the city so that you can explore new paths together?

Old quarters in cities tend to be great for these kinds of walks. They are relatively quiet and have plenty of history which means you and your dog can explore where you live together. If it gets too crowded or your dog seems anxious, simply take them to a dog-friendly park where they can run in the grass, play fetch and make friends with new dogs.

Walking your dog in the city has the advantage of allowing them to socialise, both with people and dogs. This means more play opportunities for your dog, as well as plenty of petting. It can also be an adventure—and who doesn’t love those?

4. Woodland Walks

Several national parks have walking trails in their woods specifically for walking dogs. These trails are teeming on either side with plenty of flora and small fauna. Your dog will love the multitude of scents and small wildlife. It is likely they will be so excited that they will not know what to concentrate on first! A woodlands walk is definitely one of the best dog walks.

Be prepared to be pulled along when walking your dog in the woodlands and allow them to explore to their heart’s content. Most dogs love the woodlands because there’s so much to discover there. The fresh air will also do both you and your dog good—it has been proven to reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

5. Walking Your Dog on an English Heritage Estate

Not all English Heritage estates allow dogs, but those that do can be an absolute treat to visit. These estates were made with animals in mind. Owners often had horses and dogs and both were taken out for exercise on a regular basis. Castles and forts have large grounds, which are perfect for dog walking.

This makes English Heritage estates one of the best dog walks you can plan. Take them around castle ruins or fort remains. They will love exploring the architecture, just like you.