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Bakers Sizzlers

Bakers Sizzlers are delicious chewy rashers with an irresistible bacon flavour and nutrients to help keep your dog healthy.
labrador looking up at a Bakers sizzler treat
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Bakers® Sizzlers look great, taste great and are full of nutrients a happy, healthy dog needs. Each dog treat contains Omega 3 & 6 to help maintain healthy skin & a glossy coat, vitamins & antioxidants to help support natural defences and is supplemented with B vitamins to help maintain your dog's energy levels. And if you're worried about your dog maintaining a healthy waistline, our recipe is also low in fat.* Browse our full range of Bakers® recipes for even more fun treats that are also incredibly nutritious. We recommend Bakers® Whirlers or for something more, Bakers® meaty meals.

*Remember to adjust the main meal accordingly