Behaviour and training

How to understand and influence your dog's behaviour

Understanding your dog's behaviour

Woman smiling at dog

Understanding your dog’s body language

Anyone who’s ever spent time in the company of a dog knows that, just like people, dogs have personalities that are unique to them, and they experience many feelings in exactly the same way as humans and all other mammals.

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Huskies play fighting

Aggressive behaviour in dogs

Your dog has a personality completely unique to them – and like all dogs, they have different moods ranging from joyful to scared. However, if your dog is aggressive, you should address it as soon as possible.

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Woman laying on grass with small dog

What to do if your dog goes missing

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare; one minute your dog’s there, the next they’re not. Of course it’s upsetting and stressful for you when your dog is missing, but there’s also the added worry that your pet may be scared or hurt.

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Brown dog jumping

How to deal with excessive dog barking

Dogs don’t rely on vocal communication in the same way humans do, but it still forms a major part of the way they express themselves and their emotions to other dogs – and to their human family.

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Young girl smiling whilst holding a small dog in her arms.

Love Your Pet

At Purina we believe that #WeAreBetterWithPets. Read on to find out about showing your cat or dog affection, and how to strengthen your special bond.

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Dog and owner on sofa

Helping a scared dog

Your dog is full of curiosity and fun, but they might be frightened of things too – after all, every dog has a different personality. Some dogs are fearful by nature, and some scared dogs are more predisposed to it than others.

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Woman crouched next to brown labrador

Why does my dog bark?

Even though some dogs will make more noise than others, all dogs bark. Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a fully-grown Alsatian, you’ve probably heard them barking in a wide variety of situations.

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Small dog looking sad

Parties, Dogs and Fireworks

Your dog is a delightful companion all year round, and they love to spend time with you whenever they can. Some dogs, though, aren’t as comfortable with unfamiliar sounds and groups of people as you are, so if your dog is scared of fireworks and loud noises, they might need some extra care during celebrations.

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Labrador looking at woman

Attention-seeking dog behaviour

Attention-seeking dog behaviour is common – and normal – in puppies. After all, they’ll want their mother to dote on them, will love playing with their littermates and will still be learning their rights from wrongs!

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Dog sniffing grass

Why does my dog eat grass?

If your dog keeps eating grass, there’s no need to worry - this isn’t uncommon behaviour by any means, even though it might seem quite strange.

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