Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

There’s nothing better than sitting down in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn, ready to watch your favourite movie – but are our dogs allowed to join the fun? Find out the answer to: Can dogs eat popcorn?
can dogs eat popcorn
can dogs eat popcorn
can dogs eat popcorn

Popcorn is a favourite treat for us humans on movie night. But can dogs eat popcorn, and what happens if they hoover up any that we accidentally drop? We’ve put together this guide to whether dogs can have popcorn to answer all your questions.

Can dogs eat popcorn?

It is better to avoid feeding popcorn to your pet, but if they scavenge a few pieces it is unlikely to cause a problem. If you decide to give popcorn as a treat, the advice is to take similar precautions as you would with a young child, because popcorn can pose a choking hazard. Only feed under supervision, do not give any hard or partially popped pieces, and never feed any that is seasoned or sweetened. Plain popcorn would be the better option. Some sweetened popcorn actually contains xylitol which is particularly toxic to dogs. It can have a big affect on their insulin levels and may lead to dangerously low blood sugar, with symptoms including weakness, seizures and collapse. Popcorn can also get stuck in your dog’s teeth or gums, which can be very uncomfortable.

dogs and popcorn

It’s also important to remember to follow healthy feeding guidelines and ensure that treats only make up 10% or less of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

Is popcorn good for dogs?

Popcorn is not good for dogs, especially given it can pose a choking hazard. They should already be receiving all the nutrients they need from their regular, complete and balanced diet of high-quality dog food. Another issue with feeding dogs popcorn, is that some individuals can have a dietary intolerance to corn and other grains. If your dog has a known sensitivity, do not feed them popcorn.

How should I feed my dog popcorn?

It is better not to feed popcorn. However, plain and air-popped varieties will be better than those cooked in oil or butter. Once you’ve finishing popping, make sure you remove the partially popped kernels. Never give your dog popcorn with added toppings and if you want to add these to your portion, remove the small amount for your dog first, then add your chosen additions later.

is popcorn good for dogs

That’s our answer to the question ‘can dogs eat popcorn?’ Now you know whether popcorn is good for dogs, you can find out more information on feeding your dog.