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Top 40 Welsh Dog Names You Will Love

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When it comes to naming a new four-legged friend, it can be tricky to find the right name for them. The right name isn’t just about choosing a moniker that sounds nice. The meaning behind it matters just as much. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have curated the perfect list of Welsh dog names for boys and girls, complete with the most popular and most traditional Welsh dog names too.  

Top 10 boy Welsh dog names

Whether your little four-legged friend has the tendency to be shyer than others or bulldozes their way through life, you will find a name on this list that will be perfect for them.  

1. Arawn 

This is the perfect name for that playful male pup in your life. One meaning of the name is “unrestrained wildness”.  

2. Cadell  

If you have a male four-legged friend that always seems to hurl themselves into a life full steam ahead with no worries about the outcome, then this is the perfect name for them. The name Cadell means “spirits of battle”, from the word “cad” meaning battle in Welsh. 

3. Cefin  

If you have a special handsome boy in your family then this might be the name you’ve been searching for. It simply means “handsome”.  

4. Emyr  

If your new pup seems to be taking over the house without effort, we think we found the best Welsh dog name for them. The name Emyr means “ruler”. It’s such a great-sounding name too! It is pronounced Em-ear. 

5. Griffin 

This is a famous Welsh boy’s name which comes from the other Welsh name “Gruffydd”. The name means “lord” or “prince”. The perfect name for a furry friend that has become the little prince in your life.   

6. Gwilym 

Some male dogs will have the instinct to protect what is theirs from any unwanted guests. If you have a loyal and protective companion in your household, then this is the name for them. Gwilym means “resolute protector”, from the Welsh variant of William.  

7. Hari 

If your dog tends to roam around the garden making sure that all is in order, you have found the perfect name for him. Hari means “a home ruler” or “ruler of the estate”.  

8. Ifan 

Our animals are the gift that keeps on giving, which is why this name is a great choice for that special canine friend in your life. The name Ifan means “gift of god”, and is such a wonderful moniker for your bundle of joy. 

9. Maddox 

This is a popular male name which is derived from the Welsh surname meaning “son of Madoc”. The name Madoc means “fortunate”. So, if you feel lucky to have found your best friend, then this is the name for them.  

10. Sion 

Some male dogs can be on the shy side of life, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less loveable than the rest. This is a great name for those quieter pups. The name means “god is gracious”, which gives it a soft and subtle aura.   

Top 10 female Welsh dog names

Don’t think we forgot about the lovely lady in your life! Here are some beautiful Welsh female dog names that would be perfect for your pup.  

  1. Caddy  
  2. Cari 
  3. Efa  
  4. Eleri  
  5. Erin  
  6. Ffion 
  7. Nia 
  8. Rhona 
  9. Rhoswen 
  10. Seren 

Top 10 Welsh dog names 

These are some of the most popular dog names. We know that having a unique name to describe your dog’s personality is what many owners strive to achieve, so hopefully, the below list gives you some inspiration!  

  1. Bella 
  2. Brennan 
  3. Dew 
  4. Dice 
  5. Elen 
  6. Gavin 
  7. Iona  
  8. Jesten 
  9. Myric 
  10. Rhett 

Top 10 most traditional Welsh dog names 

These are a list of some of the most traditional Welsh names. These are a mixture of male and female names but would be suited to any and all four-legged friends.  

  1. Bronwen 
  2. Carys 
  3. Dafyyd  
  4. Eira 
  5. Emrys 
  6. Idris 
  7. Ieuan 
  8. Llewelyn 
  9. Osian 
  10. Owen 

That’s our ultimate guide to the best Welsh dog names! Remember when choosing a name, as well as picking one which fits your dog’s looks and personality, you also need to pick something they respond to.  

Hopefully, this list has given you some name inspiration. Want to know more about different dog names? Why not take a look at our guide on the best female dog names, next?