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Popular Female Dog Names to Match Your New Best Friend

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Looking for the best female dog name ever? We put together a list of the ultimate dog names that will have you saying "this is the one".

Find an unforgettable girl dog name that perfectly matches the awesome new pup in the house. There are plenty of amazing dog names to choose from below, so let's get to it! 

Female dog names


A list of female dog names has to include the moniker "Princess". For the elegant, girly dogs that start to strut around the house from the first moment they walk through the door there is just no better way to address them than by using royal terminology. If you're not careful, your new pup will definitely rule your home. 


A name inspired by this precious metal is perfect for your treasured addition to the family. If your dog's colour is a match too, then Goldie is truly a no-brainer girl dog name. 


Luna, which means "Moon" in Latin, is one of the most popular female dog names. And rightly so. You can rarely go wrong with a name that has celestial meaning for a pup with cuteness levels out of this world.


For a girl dog name that is sweet, try Zuzu which actually means "Sweet" in Yiddish. Plus, it will make you smile every time you say it, so it's got to be at the top of your female dog name list. Just say it out loud a few times and you'll know what we mean. 


Hermione is such an elegant name for the smart and loyal pooch in the family. Plus, you can shorten it to the lovely Minnie whenever you want to spoil your dog for their good deeds. 


If you´re looking for a pretty name, why not name your pooch after the beautiful Poppy flower. This classic name is perfect for a pretty pooch.  


Is your pup as fast as a supernova when they get the zoomies? Then Nova suits them perfectly. Plus, it’s short and sweet so your dog will have no problem getting used to their name. 


Inspired by the Old Norse goddess of love, Freya is the perfect name for your furry friend as when it comes to love, they are the best at. 


Maya is a timeless name that’s sure to remain popular. It has a melodic sound and also a strong spiritual meaning in many cultures, representing the power of creation. 


One of the most popular girl dog names, Nala suits any dog, regardless of breed or personality. If your dog is strong and confident, Nala would be a great name for them! 

Female dog names you should avoid

Although rules have no business deciding your pup's name, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your dog agrees with your choice. 

Long female dog names

A good dog name is usually short. Anything with more than a couple of syllables is likely to either confuse your dog or be too long for their flimsy attention spans. So, a good tip is to stay away from any hyphenated or double-barrelled names. Vivienne and Anastasia-Rose might seem a match made in heaven at first but one day you’ll have to shout it across the park and realise it doesn’t quite work at reining in an enthusiastic dog on a chase. 

Female dog names with too many consonants

Consonants, when there are too many, tend to make names clunky and more difficult to say, especially when calling your dog back to you. For practical purposes Lucy is better than Lucille and Murphy is better than McMurphy. 

Names similar to dog commands

Avoid going for a dog name that sounds like commands such as “no”, “sit” or “fetch” otherwise your puppy will be sending plenty of confused looks your way. Sid, Mo, Jo and Snatch are too similar to the commands you want your dog to respond to without much hesitation. 

Rude or embarrassing female dog names

Another Golden Rule in dog naming is to avoid any name you don’t feel comfortable shouting across the park. So, make sure you don’t use more humour than you can publicly handle without going red. 

Now that you've got all the tips you need to choose the best female dog name ever, find out how to get your puppy off to a great start by making all the proper introductions and dog-proofing your home and garden.