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Burmese Cat

One look at them and you’ll be charmed! Apart from their impressive looks, the Burmese cat is friendly and social, as well as highly clever so if you’re looking for a cat that can easily mesh into most families, this breed is perfect for you. 

10 - 16 years
3.6 - 5.4kg
Burmese cats come in sable (dark brown), Champagne (beige), blue (a medium grey with light brown undertones), and platinum (a light grey with light brown undertones).
The need-to-know
  • Great for first-time cat owners
  • Enjoys playing games and is active at home
  • Highly active and inquisitive cat
  • Sociable and dependent cat
  • Very talkative cat
  • Lean and elegant cat
  • Requires grooming once a week
  • Needs extensive outdoor space
  • Great family cat
  • Can be regularly left for a few hours
  • Needs a calm environment
Generally healthy breed

The Burmese cat breed is generally robust, howeve they can suffer from:
- Diabetes mellitus which is a conditions where cats develop very high sugar levels because they do not produce a normal amount of insulin.
- Burmese head defect which is a condition where the face and skull do not form correctly. 
- Burmese gangliosidosis which is a storage disease that affects the nervous system, although it is worth noting there is a low prevalence of this disease in the Burmese population.
- Burmese hypokalaemia which is a condition where the levels of potassium in the blood are low which leads to weakness.  
- Orofacial pain syndrome¹ which is a condition that causes sudden facial and mouth pain.
-  Pectus excavatum² which is a condition where the chest is narrowed which affects the functioning of the heart and the chest.

Testing available:
- DNA testing for Burmese head defect, gangliosidosis and hypoykalaemia which tests whether or not a cat has the potential to be affected by this condition.

¹A. Nemec, 'The feline enigma: issues specific to the cat', 2017, BSAVA Congress Proceedings
²M. Singh et al, 'A Review on Pectus Excavatum in Canines: A Congenital Anomaly', 2013, Iranian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 

Burmese Cat Appearance 

Glossy and athletic, the Burmese is a solid, muscular cat with a sweet expression, neat round paws, and a short coat. The eyes are large and round, the face has a hint of the exotic Asian breeds, but is unexaggerated and attractive. 

Burmese Cat Personality 

Curious, clever, and friendly, the Burmese cat is described as having a sweet expression in the breed standard, and has a nature to match if raised and socialised well. Very playful and engaging, the Burmese will learn to retrieve toys, and will delight in playing with their family. This curious and inquisitive nature can land them in trouble, as they will explore every open doorway, be it into another room or into a car or delivery van! Personable and sociable with family and visitors, the Burmese will enjoy attention and will let you know if there isn’t sufficient attention paid to them!  

Burmese Cat Fun Facts 

  • Although they look pretty sleek and petite, the Burmese cat weight can reach 5.4 kg, making them heavier than the average cat. They are also commonly referred to as “bricks wrapped in silk” because of their heavy weight. 
  • There are two versions of the Burmese cat, the British and the American with the difference being that British Burmese cats have a wedge-shaped head and slightly slanted eyes while the American version has a stockier build and a broader head, with rounded eyes. 
  • Burmese cats are said to have been viewed as sacred in Myanmar and celebrated by Buddhist monks in monasteries and temples. 


Do Burmese cats make good pets? 

Intelligent, loyal, and affectionate are just some of the Burmese cat characteristics that prove they make great pets for anyone. You’ll love having them around as they’re also great entertainers who will try anything to get your attention, even perform tricks. 

Do Burmese cats shed a lot? 

There’s no need to worry about the Burmese cat shedding a lot of hair. A simple brushing once a week should take care of the issue as they don’t typically shed much. 

Are all Burmese cats friendly? 

Yes, the Burmese cat personality is outgoing and affectionate so rest assured, there will be no shortage of friendliness and cuddles around the house. 

Are Burmese cats noisy? 

If you’re after peace and quiet, a Burmese cat might not be the best companion for you as they can get pretty noisy. Known to be just as vocal as a Siamese, the Burmese cat has a deep and soft voice that can sound just like a crying baby which can cause discomfort to someone not used to it.