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Meet Sunny

Cavapoo, 3 years old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Sunny is...

How loving she is! She is my shadow, but has so much love to give to other people too. She’s always SO excited to see me! Even if I’ve only left the house for 30 minutes, she greets me with an excited cuddle every time I get home. She also LOVES learning! We often train together in the garden, working on new tricks. Sunny seems to love the process of learning something new. When she was a puppy, we went to puppy training and she also picked up the practical side of dog training really quickly.

The biggest challenge with Sunny is...

Sunny was a little shy around other dogs for quite a while. After some training and reassurance, she's now gaining her confidence and often wants to play with other dogs her size. Cavapoo’s are a high maintenance breed. I try to brush Sunny every other day, otherwise her fur gets matted quite easily. Especially during winter, when she’s wearing jumpers, coats and fleeces! This also means she needs grooming often. Sunny visits her groomer every 6 weeks for a full bath, brush and haircut. I’ve found that regular grooming trips are the best way to keep her fur in good condition, and keeps her more comfortable too.

The most surprising thing about owning a Cavapoo is...

How easily they adapt to your every day lifestyle! I'm self employed and if I have a busy working day, Sunny will sit quietly for the majority of the day. If I want to play with her, she'll been keen to play too!

What I wish I’d known about Cavapoos is...

Cavapoos are very needy! Sunny is always aware of where I am, and will often follow me if I settle in another room. Be ready for cuddles, or a constant feet warmer 24/7!

Did you know?

Cavapoos can have three different coat types: low-shedding ones that are wiry and tough, loose and wavy ones resembling a fleece, or a tightly curled coat that looks more like wool. 

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