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Meet Nina

German Shepherd Dog, 4 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Nina is a Purina puppy!

Nina is owned by Kat, one of Purina's PetCare Advisors.

My favourite thing about Nina is...

Her affection and her loyalty. She is a lap dog through and through (even if she is a bit big!) and loves her cuddles. Her attitude to life is amazing and she is just so happy to be around anyone and anything. As long as she can get some attention!

The biggest challenge with Nina is...

Her 2 second attention span and her excitement. She is a bit of an exception to the 'intelligent German Shepherd' rule so training can be a bit tricky but she is still so desperate to please! Pair this with her unbridled excitement when she makes a new friend and we can certainly have a challenge on our hands!

The most surprising thing about owning a German Shepherd Dog is...

How unbelievably sensitive and social they are. They can have such a bad name but in reality they are sensitive pooches who just need the right guidance and a gentle hand to lead the way. They can really thrive when socialising. The smile on Nina's face when we walk with friends is something else!

What I wish I’d known about German Shepherd Dogs is...

If you get a German Shepherd, upgrade your hoover as well! At certain times of year the hair just keeps coming out... more than you think is ever possible!

Did you know?

German Shepherds are super intelligent and can learn new tricks and behaviours in only a few repetitions.

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