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Get to know American Akita

Japanese Akita & German Shepherd Dog, 2 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about American Akita is...

Our American Akita is such a strong minded and individual character. You can see her actively considering her options. Incredibly loving, she adores everything and everyone and believes everyone just wants to play with her.

The biggest challenge with American Akita is...

Because she is so strong minded, you have to be a strong leader to get her to follow your commands. Most people give up training their akitas as they believe they are stubborn, this is not the case, they just think they are the alpha in any group. So you need to make sure you know how best to assert boundaries early

The most surprising thing about owning a Japanese Akita & German Shepherd Dog is...

They aren’t a drooling dog. Very clean and hygienic. Almost like a cat in this sense with regards to grooming. She loves water and running around but despite her nature hasn’t tried swimming yet.

What I wish I’d known about Japanese Akitas & German Shepherd Dogs is...

That training recall would take forever! We generally have to keep her on a long line, she’s getting better though. She is only 1year and 1 month

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