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Say Hi to Reuben

King Charles Spaniel, 10 Months old

🌳 Countryside dog
🍷 Lives with adults only

My favourite thing about Reuben is...

He loves life! His favourite toy is his pink pig which he has to find first thing every morning. His second favourite would have to be his food toys, Kong, rummage mat and a dog activity toy with liftable cups and flaps.

The biggest challenge with Reuben is...

He is our 6th Cavalier but our first boy - and there are noticeable differences. He started to mark the house but that stopped immediately on neutering. He is more wilfull than the girls were but is still very trainable. We are glad we put him through Crufts puppy classes. We still have work to do on recall when his attention is fixed on something.

The most surprising thing about owning a King Charles Spaniel is...

They love all animals and people and are fearless trying to befriend them. So sometimes you have to protect them from themselves. They can instantly morph from sedentary lap dog to wild adventurer according to what you ask them to do so you have to be careful not to ask too much.

What I wish I’d known about King Charles Spaniels is...

At the height of their popularity there was indiscriminate breeding with dogs with faulty genes. Some of these breeders are still around and will try to con you by presenting you with an adorable puppy by a roaring fire. Next thing you have bonded with a puppy with SM and/or heart problems and are facing a too short lifetime of heartbreak. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Did you know?

The King Charles Spaniel is easy to train, easy to live with and is intelligent enough to excel in obedience, mini agility or any of the canine sports that his owners may wish to try their hand at. 

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