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Say Hi to Billy

Rottweiler & German Shepherd Dog, 3 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Billy was adopted!

He came from Carla Lane .

My favourite thing about Billy is...

He likes to have his paw held & stroked. He loves to snuggle & be close to you & is loving. When we have been out my husband asks if he has been a good boy & if he thinks he wasn’t he howls & talks louder than you to get his defence in first. He howls like a wolf when he hears the ice cream van. He is both clever and funny. He smiles. He will defend his pack without hesitation.

The biggest challenge with Billy is...

Separation anxiety with anyone he deems part of his pack family especially when out & about including if you leave the pack to use the services he will howl & tell everyone that walks passed that one of his family is missing - it is loud & everyone stares - he also feels the need to protect the family from anyone he doesn’t trust.

The most surprising thing about owning a Rottweiler & German Shepherd Dog is...

How loving & devoted he is but also at 3 he still behaves like a puppy taking things & waiting for you to chase him - he stands in the doorway with a shoe in his mouth smiling at you - he is so mischievous. At 40kg he is also gentle & will lay on his side when he meets tiny dogs or puppies who want to play so they can jump on him.

What I wish I’d known about Rottweilers & German Shepherd Dogs is...

They need strong leadership and being crossed with many other breeds too you have to show them you are in charge & stand your ground. My mum said to my husband ‘I have had dogs for over 50 years & I know what’s wrong with Billy’ (we waited for a great revelation here) ‘he is just a very naughty dog!’ But it does mean he has character.

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