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Say Hello to Dixie

Yorkshire Terrier, 13 years old

🏠 Suburbs dog
🍷 Lives with adults only
Dixie was adopted!

My favourite thing about Dixie is...

Her sassy personality, the way her tongue sticks out as she tilts her head as I talk to her, she is small but fearless, loved her big brother collie , fetching his sticks for him out of the river! She loves the oldies at the care home hoovering their biscuits, but most of all we just love her for her sweet self and what joy she has brought to us

The biggest challenge with Dixie is...

When we first got our precious pooch she was very spoilt and had eaten unsuitable snacks, had silly clothes and slept in the beds! She had to be weaned onto nutiitional dog food , training her to walk properly on a lead and not to nip inquisitive children’s fingers!

The most surprising thing about owning a Yorkshire Terrier is...

I was surprised how much energy Dixie had (she is slower now at 13!) little dogs are not necessarily’ lap ‘ dogs, they are terriers ( ratters) and will chase a squirrel or mouse at a very high speed for those little legs! They are more ‘ people’ dogs and tend not to love all other dogs being a bit fussy who their mates are!

What I wish I’d known about Yorkshire Terriers is...

I think with any new dog you should got advice about their dietary requirements, and go to a training class for good manners and safety, and definitely pay attention to cleaning their teeth every day Be very careful about letting your little yorkie jump

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