Purina ONE Small Dog

Your small dog has specific nutritional needs. That's why Purina experts developed Purina ONE® Small Dog < 10kg. Targeted, advanced nutrition in a delicious meal with small crunchy nuggets and softer morsels*, specially designed for his small mouth. You can provide your small dog with tasty recipes formulated to suit his nutritional needs. Try the Purina ONE Small Dog < 10kg range to see the visible results on his well-being.

Discover the range:

Purina ONE® Adult

Purina ONE® Small Dog < 10kg Adult is a nutritious recipe for dogs above 1 year rich in Beef with enhanced levels of antioxidants for a strong immune system and essential nutrients to promote oral health

PURINA ONE® Delicate

Purina ONE® Small Dog < 10kg Delicate is a great tasting recipe with Salmon, high in omega 3 fatty acids to help manage his sensitive skin, and a natural prebiotic to manage his delicate digestion.

PURINA ONE® Weight Control

Purina ONE® Small Dog < 10kg Weight Control is for your small dog who is less active or overweight but still wants to enjoy his food. A savoury meal rich in Turkey made with 40% less fat to contribute to reducing calorie intake and help your dog keep a lean body condition.

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