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Your Pet, Our Passion.
Family playing with dog who has a red ball in his mouth

A heart-warming new study by Pet Care company Purina has shed light on the immense joy and fulfilment that comes with adopting a pet from a shelter

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  • A poll of 600 people who have adopted their furry friend found that 76 per cent considered the experience as valuable as bringing up a child.
  • A staggering eight in 10 people who have rescued a pet from a shelter say it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done.
  • Almost six in 10 (59 per cent) believe they have ‘saved its life’ and 30 per cent feel fulfilled by bringing it into a loving home.

The study uncovered the reasons behind this deep satisfaction:

For 59 per cent of adopters, the belief that they have "saved a life" is a significant factor. Additionally, 63 per cent expressed immense happiness in witnessing their furry friend become happier, while 33 percent treasured the trust gained from their pet after coming from an abusive background.

It's not just the pets who benefit from these heartening adoptions 76 per cent said it made them learn to care about someone other than themselves and half loved seeing it become less afraid, 
Martina Mchowat, Brand Experience Lead for said: “Pet adoption allows people to make a compassionate choice, however it should be considered carefully. Anyone thinking adopting a pet should take time to make an informed decision, understand the responsibilities and sometimes the possible challenges involved, and take care to find the right pet for them.  

“It’s amazing to see that so many people feel hugely fulfilled when they have made that choice. Adopting a pet can really feel like you’ve saved a life, as well as enriching your own through the multiple benefits that we know owning a pet can bring.” 

The research went on to find that if given the opportunity just 5% would buy from a breeder instead of rescuing another pet due to the positive experience they have had. 

Cats, dogs and rabbits are the animals most likely to be adopted – with a handful having recused chinchillas, budgies, and snakes. 

The positive impact of pet adoption extends beyond individuals. 94 percent see their pet as part of the family and almost two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents believe that their family unit has become stronger since adopting their pet, according to the statistics compiled by OnePoll. 

“The fact people are keen to adopt another pet from a shelter is really heartwarming because actions like these make a big impact on the animal’s life.”

For those considering pet adoption, Purina has interviewed a pet owner who has recently adopted a dog, view the full pet adoption interview to gain an insight into the adoption process and the positive impact adoption can have on your life.