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UK start-up selected to join prestigious Purina accelerator programme

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•    UK Start Up PetInstincts selected as one of eight global participants to join Purina’s sought-after disruptive pet-tech and pet-care start-up accelerator scheme ‘Unleashed’
•    PetInstincts, based in, London provides smart enrichment tools for easier and happier lives for pets and their owners
•    This year’s programme also welcomes start-ups working on AI technology detecting illness in pets and at-home screening tests for pets.
•    Start-ups for 2024’s Unleashed programme come from across the globe including the UK, France, Greece, Austria, Singapore, Canada, Brazil and Mexico

London, UK – 4th March 2024 : Purina, Europe’s leading pet care company, today unveils that UK start-up PetInstincts is one of eight participants in its  ‘Unleashed by Purina’ accelerator programme. The programme, now in its fifth year, supports and propels new generations of disruptive pet-tech and pet-care start-ups, to help fulfil their potential.

The Unleashed programme is powered by the Purina Accelerator Lab. By offering resources to start-ups that are integrating technology into pet-care products and services in novel and innovative ways, the Lab contributes to the growth of the pet-care start-up ecosystem. 

Purina provides each start-up on the Unleashed programme with a personalized scaling package that includes business and technology assistance tailored to their specific stage of growth.  The companies also receive expert coaching and access to Purina’s deep commercial insights to help drive their growth.

The programme lasts 20 weeks, with mentoring and support offered from a range of Purina experts alongside industry experts. Drawing on almost 130 years of Purina history and powerful R&D and commercial capabilities, the programme includes a structured and funded project of up to £44,600 (CHF 50,000)1 per start-up to help them realise their ambitions.

Anil Puri, founder and director of PetInstincts, added: “I'm so incredibly honoured to be a part of the UNLEASHED cohort. It's unbelievable to think that the startup that I dreamed up at university, is now partnering with one of the global leaders in our industry. For us, this level of recognition, support, and collaboration at such a scale means everything. During the programme we’ll be working on some very exciting projects, diving down the rabbit hole of pet care and co-creating the wonderland that is a future where pets and their owners worldwide are happier and healthier.”

Calum Macrae, Director for Purina UK&I, said: “As we navigate a post-pandemic world, support for pets and their owners is more important than ever. With many pet owners returning to work spaces rather than working at home, the innovative use of tech solutions by PetInstincts to make sure our pets are happy when we can’t be with them all the time, is so valuable. I’m really proud that Purina is actively supporting great new entrepreneurial ideas like these, which ultimately will help improve the lives of pets and the people who love them, through our innovative Unleashed programme. I look forward to seeing the 2024 cohort grow through the programme.” 

The start-ups participating in Unleashed by Purina 2024 include:
•    Pez LIfe Vienna, Austria: Easy-to-use, at-home diagnostics and preventative care for your pet’s healthy life 
•    Petexplorer Athens, Greece: Modern online marketplace for pet parents, seamless connection with pet care industry professionals 
•    PetInstincts London, UK: Smart enrichment tools for easier and happier lives for pets and their owners
•    Arbiom Paris, France: Sylpro, high quality and sustainable protein ingredient for your pets 
•    Sylvester AI Calgary, Canada: Every day visual pain assessment, bringing cats and their caregivers closer together 
•    CuidaMiMascota Monterrey, Mexico: Connecting pets with trusted sitters: your convenience, their well-being
•    Zazuu Sao Paolo, Brazil: The go-to app for all pet-related needs 
•    ZumVet Singapore: Personalised vetcare from the comfort of your home

Unleashed success stories

Since its inception, Unleashed has accelerated 33 start-ups, including BorrowMyDoggy, a UK startup who connect dog owners with local dog borrowers for walks, weekends and holidays were able to expand and develop different areas of their business, including accelerating their B2B offer as part of ‘Unleashed’. 

Dogami, a Swiss entertainment company was part of the 2023 programme, developed a mobile-first web3 game featuring dog avatars and has now experienced exponential growth in customer base, celebrating five million races completed.

Since participating in Unleashed, VetChip, an animal health monitoring business, has secured series A Funding. The business had also accelerated the development of its technology and is continuing to expand having established two technology trial sites in the US with plans to bring more online in the next 12 months.

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