PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS Canine NF Renal Function (Dry)

A complete dry food scientifically formulated to help nutritionally manage chronic renal (kidney) failure in adult and senior dogs. The diet supports kidney function in dogs with chronic renal failure through limited amounts of high-quality protein and restricted levels of phosphorous. The diet is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to minimise increased blood pressure in the kidney.
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Renal disease is a common cause of illness, affecting around 1% of all dogs and up to 10% of dogs aged 10 and over.

This is a veterinary diet for dogs diagnosed with kidney disease – and should always be fed under vet supervision. It is not suitable for dogs needing high levels of protein or phosphorous, or for growing or reproducing dogs.

C RF Low Phosphorus.png (

Low level of phosphorous to help slow the progression of renal disease

C RF Opti Protein.png

Restricted but high-quality proteins to help minimise loss of muscle and toxins formation

C Omega 3_1.png

Omega-3 fatty acids to help reduce renal hypertension and inflammation

Please note that all indications for PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS mentioned are for the dietary support of dogs with the listed conditions and do not preclude appropriate medical management. The veterinary diets should be used under veterinary supervision.

Adult maintenance

Body weight (kg) Can only
Can / day
Can + Dry
Can / day
Can + Dry
g /day
2.5 1/2 1/3 25  
5 3/4 1/2 40  
10 1 1/4 1 35  
15 1 2/3 1 90  
25 2 1/3 1 185  
35 3 1 265  
45 3 1/2 1 335  
70 4 2/3 1 500  
>70 Add 1/4 per additional 5kg  


Dogs with chronic renal failure should be fed PURINA® PRO PLAN® VETERINARY DIETS Canine NF Renal Function™ for life.


Maize*, rice*, dried egg*, dried whey*, animal fat, sugar, digest*, dried beet pulp*, minerals, soya oil, fish oil * Protein sources. Urine alkalising substance: calcium carbonate.


Key nutrient values* Wet
Moisture 72%
Protein 5.4%
Total sulfur amino acids  
Fat 7.6%
- Omega-6fatty acids 1.2%
- Omega-3 fatty acids 0.1%
Carbohydrate 12.9%
Crude fibre 0.3%
Calcium 0.22%
Phosphrus 0.11%
Potassium 0.45%
Magnesium 0.03%
Sodium 0.08%
Sulfur 0.12%
Vitamin E 140 mg/kg
Vitamin D3 300 IU/kg
Purines 0.05%
Metabolisable energy (ME)1 1.29 kcal/g


* Typical analysis in the final product as fed

1 Calculated using modified Atwater's factors.


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