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Brown Labrador holding Christmas stocking

7 Truly Special Christmas Presents for Dogs

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All Your Dog Wants for Christmas…

What should you get your dog for Christmas? What is the new thing you can get the dog who has everything? Maybe a new collar? Or a shiny blingy bowl? Or a designer dog bed? 

The truth is your dog really doesn’t care what their collar looks like, or what bowl they are eating out of - or what they are lying on… 

So, let’s take a look at what your dog would really want for Christmas! Here are some of the best Christmas presents for dogs that will get their tail wagging, whilst keeping your dog safe during Christmas time. 



Retrieve toys will make the perfect Christmas dog gift for these pups.

The perfect Christmas present for a gundog - whether a Labrador, a spaniel or any of those breeds designed to work happily outside in all weathers - is a long, preferably muddy, walk on Christmas Day with lots of retrieve games to keep them busy - and lots of tasty Christmas dog treats to reward them for giving their toy back to you to throw again. 

Herding Dogs

Training classes are the best way to celebrate Christmas.

These are the workaholics of the dog world and love nothing more than getting out and about with you, learning a new skill or perfecting the ones they already know. As well as making sure they get all the exercise and stimulation they need to keep them calm, healthy and happy over Christmas, consider signing up to a new training class to learn something you’ve both never tried before. This could be trick training, agility, heelwork to music or even the new and growing sport of hoopers. This exercises their busy brains but also gives them some extra one on one time with you.

For more inspiration on gifting your dog a toy to keep them entertained for hours, read our helpful guide on stimulating toys for older dogs


A digging pit is the Christmas gift these dogs are looking forward to.

A digging pit in the garden will be the thing that will make your terrier so very happy! Make sure it is filled with something safe, easy to clean, and that you can hide toys, chews and treats in. This will help stop your terrier digging in the garden while still giving them an outlet for that tunnelling and excavating behaviour that often comes hardwired in these pocket rockets - and it gives you a great interactive play opportunity. 

Companion Dogs

Quality time with their owner is the ideal dog Christmas present.

These are the dogs that Christmas Day in front of the TV is made for. Their idea of Christmas heaven is to be snuggled up on the sofa with you, wrapped in a warm blanket or a new fleece, and might find a festive day with all the family, noise and chaos just all a bit too much. The best Christmas present for these dogs is to make sure you take time out to have some dedicated ‘dog time’ and just watch they don’t get overwhelmed with all the celebrations. 


Scent games are their favourite dog Christmas present.

The very best present for a scenthound is an opportunity to use their incredible nose! Consider signing up to a training class that specialises in scentwork and that can teach you a selection for great sniffing games you can play with your dog. If you can’t find one, search the internet to discover some great interactive scenting games. Few dogs ever get the opportunity to use their nose - and for scenthounds, it can be life-changing. 


Offer them an hour of uninterrupted running as a Christmas gift.

While it is easy to think these athletes are always on the go, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sighthounds are all about short sprints at incredible speeds and relish the opportunity for a brief but speedy run. What they don’t excel at however is recall - as the thrill of speed and joy of running can make them deaf to everything, and if they see a rabbit or a squirrel that hardwired instinct to chase is overwhelming. The best dog Christmas present you can get them is do some research and find a ‘safe field’ in your area - even if it is a bit of a drive. They are popping up all over the country and are well-fenced large areas that you can rent for an hour where dogs can run safely.   

Working Dogs

Give these dogs a fun mission this Christmas to keep them happy.

The working group of dogs are often high maintenance and have been developed to do a wide variety of jobs. The best dog Christmas present you can give them is an outlet for the thing they were bred to do. This might be endurance running (the sled dogs), working trials, obedience, agility, carting… but a good training class that has experience of your breed can help you get the very best out of your working dog - and improve your bond, your control and your relationship to the max.

The best dog Christmas present ideas

To recap, here are some of the most popular dog Christmas gifts you can add to your list this year:

  1. Retrieve toys
  2. Dog training classes
  3. Digging pits
  4. Quality time together
  5. Interactive scenting games for dogs
  6. One-hour session of interrupted running
  7. Fun but challenging dog Christmas missions: endurance running or working trials

So, there you have it. When you are wondering what your dog wants for Christmas, first and foremost, it is uninterrupted time with you doing their favourite thing. 

But mostly… all they want for Christmas is you!

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