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Can Dogs Eat Cucumber

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber

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Cucumbers are a great addition to our salads and sandwiches. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy cucumbers, as a simple, low-calorie snack.

But are our dogs allowed to eat cucumber as well? Keep reading to find out if dogs can have cucumbers so you know whether you need to save a few slices for your pup too.

Can dogs eat cucumbers?

Yes, dogs can eat cucumbers in moderation. These vegetables consist of around 96% water and also contain some minerals and vitamins. But be careful when feeding cucumber to your pup, as high quantities of this vegetable can lead to digestive problems.

And, as with all human food, make sure you ask your vet if your dog can have cucumber before you offer this food to them.

If you get the green light from your vet, we’ll explain how to feed cucumber to your pup safely.

Are cucumbers good for dogs?

Yes, cucumbers are a safe treat for dogs. As we’ve mentioned, that have a very high-water content, with a low-calorie value, which means they are a good alternative to other human foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Cucumbers are low in calories

It’s fortunate that dogs can eat cucumbers, because they’re one of the few human food treats that are low in calories. So, this is good news for overweight and diabetic pups. If the vet gives the go-ahead, a few cucumber slices offered as a reward for good behaviour are the perfect occasional treat. However, as always, if you are considering treating your pup, it’s always best to consider high-quality treats that are made specifically for dogs over foods that are intended for humans. This is because these dog treats will have been formulated specifically for pups, meaning that they are less likely to cause digestive upsets, and there are even some healthy dog treat options that can help to contribute to your pup’s overall nutrition. For diabetic and obese pups, there are also some low-calorie canine treat options available.

Cucumbers are full of vitamins

Vitamins K, C and B are some of the nutrients present in every slice of cucumber. However, this isn’t really important for our pups as they should be able to get all the nutrients they need from complete, specially-formulated dog food, with no need for additional supplementation.

How to offer cucumber to dogs

If your vet has said yes to the question ‘can my dog eat cucumber’, here is how to offer this food to your dog safely:

  • Always wash cucumber before offering it to your dog
  • Remove the peel and seeds
  • Chop the cucumber into small pieces
  • Only offer plain cucumber to your pup, and never add any seasoning or other human food ingredients
  • Feed cucumber to your dog in small quantities, offering them a few slices as a treat on the odd occasion

Can dogs eat pickled cucumbers?

No, you should avoid feeding your dog pickled cucumbers as these will include human ingredients that are unsuitable for dogs, or even harmful. For example, pickled cucumbers will usually have a high salt content, and often contain garlic, an ingredient that is toxic for pups. Because of this, when offering cucumber to your dog, it’s best to always keep it plain.

Can puppies eat cucumber?

Yes, puppies can also enjoy a bite of cucumber. But make sure you cut it into small, bite-sized pieces to make it easier for them to eat and avoid choking. Be mindful of quantities as well, as too much cucumber can cause an upset stomach. And always get the go ahead from your vet first before offering human food to your pup.

As always, whenever you’re offering your dog a new food, start off by giving them a small quantity (for example, offer them one bite-sized piece) and keep an eye on their reaction to this. If there are any unusual symptoms such as vomiting, wheezing or lethargy, make sure you call your vet for help and advice.

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