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Can Dogs Eat Salmon

Can Dogs Eat Salmon? Find Out If It’s Safe

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Dogs are curious creatures who love to know what we’re eating at all times. If you’ve cooked yourself a delicious salmon dinner and your pup has come running, you’re probably wondering ‘can dogs eat salmon?’

We’ve put together a guide on dogs eating salmon, so you can know if you’re able to share this delicious fish with your furry friend. Read on for all you need to know!


Can dogs eat salmon?

Yes, but in moderation. and it is wise to check with your vet – especially if your dog has any dietary sensitivities! Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids which helps keep their coats shiny and supports their immune system. Salmon should be unseasoned and cooked otherwise it could contain parasites and bacteria that can make your dog sick.

How much salmon should I give my dog?

Feeding in moderation is key to keeping your dog healthy, and this includes salmon! For most dogs, salmon should be limited to a once a week treat and not be the main meal of the day – although there are some dog foods that have salmon and/or other fish as the main protein source.

It’s also important to make sure that it's a portion suitable for your dog's size. Some dogs with allergies may benefit from diets containing salmon as the main protein source but check with the vet before feeding your dog salmon.

Is salmon good for dogs?  

As we mentioned earlier, in moderation, salmon can be good for your dog. It has great properties which can be beneficial for your pup like:

  • Supporting their immune systems 

  • Helping manage certain skin conditions or allergies 

  • Keeping their coat shiny and healthy 

  • Easily digestible  

  • Can help to reduce inflammation 

  • Good source of protein 

  • May help improve cognitive function in older dogs 

  • Low in mercury so can be fed more often than other fish, like tuna

For some dogs, salmon might contain too much oil or fat, and this may cause an upset stomach. It’s important to check with your vet if you think this is the case.

How do I feed salmon to dogs?

Make sure to choose fresh, boneless fillets (and still be sure to check for tiny bones before cooking). Then you can either, poach, grill, roast, steam, or bake the salmon. Make sure it’s well cooked, and is plain, so without any spices (including salt).

Dogs can also eat a bit of salmon skin if it’s cooked well, unseasoned and cut into small pieces to avoid choking.

Can dogs eat smoked salmon?

Smoked salmon is cured, rather than cooked and for or this reason, it should be avoided. Similarly, salt is added to smoked salmon and this isn’t good for your dog either.

Can dogs get poisoned from salmon?

If your dog eats too much salmon, there is a chance of digestive upset. Serving foods in moderation is key, as you want to avoid any chance of this! If you think that your pup is unwell, check with your vet ASAP. Here are some common symptoms to look out for:

Salmon poisoning is rare and is mainly seen in certain regions of the US and Canada. It is caused by a bacterial infection that occurs when dogs eat undercooked or raw salmon that is infected with a parasite called a fluke. The fluke is only harmful if it is infected with a bacteria called Neorickettsia helminthoeca. Salmon poisoning is treatable if it’s caught in time! 


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