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Gourmet Gold

Our Gourmet Gold cat food recipes combine a wide variety of textures and flavours for an exciting diet your cat's sure to love.
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Offer your cat an unforgettable diet each and every mealtime with our Gourmet Gold cat food range. Discover a wide variety of luxury flavours and textures with our Gold Double Delicacies, a tasty recipe with tender chunks combined with carefully cooked fine flakes and our Gold Savoury Cake Duos that boast high quality ingredients in a cake texture with incredible dual flavour. What’s more, each of our Gourmet Gold cat food recipes are only made with carefully selected, high-quality ingredients, so you can rest assured you’re feeding a quality diet that they love! Browse our full range of irresistible Gourmet cat food recipes, including our Mon-Petit and Perle ranges for more luxury wet cat food diets.