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Extra Support for Cat Owners - Behavior


Even the best-behaved cats can have their moments. From newly adopted cats, to brand new family kittens and even sometimes lifestyle changes, illnesses or a change in family circumstances for older cats, means unwanted behaviours become a problem. It can be extremely stressful for both owners and their cats and it’s often hard to know what to do. Take a look at some articles from accredited behaviourists and links to training programmes that might help.

4 min read
Cat Behaviourists
If your cat is displaying difficult or hard to handle behaviours, it may be time to call in a cat behaviourist. Find out all you need to know about how to find a reputable behaviourist, what to expect from your first appointment and more in this guide.
woman hugging cat

Purina One
5 min read
How to Stop Your Cat Biting
Sponsored by Purina One
It's not pleasant if you have a cat that always seems to bite you. Learn more about the reasons why cats bite and the best ways to stop it with our guide and tips.
cat biting finger

Purina One
6 min read
How to Discipline Your Cat
Sponsored by Purina One
Cats react differently to dogs, so training them in the same way won’t always work. Instead there are a number of different cat training techniques that can be learnt and performed on your cat to try and encourage them to behave correctly.
cat climbing up owners leg

10 min read
Aggressive Behaviour in Cats
We often associate chewed-up furnishings and general mayhem with mischievous or anxious dogs, but a destructive pet with cat behaviour problems can do their fair share of damage too.
cat aggressivity
kitten sitting on someone's lap
Kitten Code
Take the mystery out of kitten parenting with our insider guide. Dropping into your inbox every few weeks, right up until your cute kitten becomes an adult cat, Kitten Code contains everything you need to know. Your adventure starts here!
Cats Protection
Safely rehoming your Cat
Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how much we wish it was otherwise, there will be reasons that mean we need to make some difficult decisions. If you’re at the point of considering rehoming your cat, Cats’ Protection has advice and guidance on the process.
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