Light Cat

Rich in Chicken and Wheat

Purina ONE® light diet cat food is ideal for less active or overweight cats require calorie intake adaption without compromising on nutrition or taste. Purina ONE Light is formulated with Bifensis and promotes lean muscle mass to help support your cat’s natural defences.

Often, weight gain is caused by a combination of factors; you may be feeding them too much food, too many treats and snacks, and they may not be exercising regularly enough to burn off the extra food she is consuming. We have developed a specially formulated light cat food to support their needs. Our light cat food has been designed with your cat’s mealtime enjoyment in mind, and uses tasty ingredients like chicken and wheat, as well as the same high-quality ingredients as across all of our range, but with adapted calorie intake. A healthy urinary tract is promoted by balanced minerals. With a variety of delicious ingredients, you can help manage your cat’s weight without compromising on taste.

The low-fat content in our premium light cat food helps promote a lean and healthy body condition (compared to the standard adult formula) to keep your cat in good shape. Made with high quality and tasty ingredients to satisfy cats' appetites, our light diet cat food is rich in chicken and wheat. The delicious flavours in our food make it hard for cats to resist! ​

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