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All About Cats

Find the best food for your cat, discover our expert cat advice or take the cat breed selector quiz. Whatever part of the journey you're on, we're here to help with all of your cat-related questions.

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From Christmas treat packs to free stockings of snacks, we've got everything you need for a purrrfect festive season, including seasonal advice and a special Christmas Countdown with extra surprises!

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Nutrition & feeding
Our cat products
If you're looking for the right cat food for your furry friend, we've got something for everyone. From dry food to wet, kittens to golden oldies and complete meals to special diets, browse our range to find something purrrfect for you.
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Purina expertise
Expert cat care
When it comes to caring for your cat, you need to get your information from an expert. To see what Purina have to say about cat nutrition, behaviour, development, health and more, explore our articles below.
Felix Pick n Mix
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Treat your cat to their favourite flavours

What if you could buy a bundle that only included the flavours your cat loves? With our Felix Pick ‘n’ Mix cat food bundles, now you can choose 6 of your cat’s favourite flavours, build your box of 120 tasty pouches and get them all delivered right to your door. Browse our huge range of flavours with delicious recipes for adults and seniors and build your pawfect Felix bundle for the playful kitty in your life!

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Which breed is right for me?

A big softie or a little tiger? Smooth-coated or fluffy? Indoor cat or outdoor explorer? With dozens of cat breeds to choose from, we know it can be hard to find your perfect fit. Let Purina's experts help find the feline which suits your lifestyle best.

Liveclear product
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The world's first and only allergen-reducing food for cats.
A safe and feline-friendly option to help reduce allergens whilst keeping cats in your homes and on your laps.

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Purina expertise
Finding a cat
If you'd love a little addition to your family, but don't know where to start, Purina have the answers.
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Kitten Code
Sign up to our special kitten newsletter to find all the information you need to get them off to the best start.
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Feeding & nutrition
Explore our feeding and nutrition articles to get advice from our experts.
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Purina expertise
Help your cat live their best life, right into her golden years.
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We’re here to answer all of your pet questions - big or small, really serious or a little silly. Get in touch with us directly any time, any way. Our lines are open from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.