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Your Pet, Our Passion.

My pet loves your food, how can I let you know?

We love hearing your stories about happy pets!

If you'd like to let us know how much your pet loves our products, find out how you can get in touch here.

We have lots of different ways you can share the love with us.

Twitter is a great place @PurinaUK or on Instagram PurinaUKI and we also have many of our brands on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow us so that you can keep up to date with all that’s going on here.

If social media isn’t your thing, you can message us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you and your furry friends soon.

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We’re here to answer all of your pet questions - big or small, really serious or a little silly. Get in touch with us directly any time, any way. Our lines are open from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.