Advanced Dog Tricks

So your dog is a master of behaviours and a king of tricks! When your canine companion has mastered the basics, what can you conquer together next?

Here are five of our favourite advanced dog tricks that you can have fun learning together. From dancing to rolling over, there are some real crowd pleasers in this list of cool dog tricks.

Roll over

It may look easy, but this advanced dog trick is actually a pretty difficult one to master!

If your dog knows the command ‘lie down’, you’re starting from a strong position. Get your dog to lie down and arm yourself with plenty of Bakers Reward treats. To teach your dog this trick, you’ll be using treats as a ‘lure’ in three stages.

Step 1: Use a treat to get your dog to lie on one side. Try holding the treat very close to your dog’s nose, and then using it to encourage them to lift their head higher. This should get your dog to shift their weight onto their side.

Step 2: Encourage your dog to start rolling by doing a half roll. Hold a treat close to their nose and move it slowly toward the opposite side. Once your dog begins to move their body as well as their head, so that their back lies flat on the floor, reward them with the treat.

Step 3: It’s just a short step to a full roll! From their previous position, take another treat and encourage your dog to look all the way to the other side. Hold the reward slightly further away from their face, on the floor, so that they have to roll over to get it.

As they perform the full roll, make sure you say ‘roll over’. Slowly reduce the use of treats until they can roll over on commands – but remember to still give them the odd reward every now and then!

dog rolling in grass
Brown dog on hind legs doing trick

Dancing dog

It’s easier to dance with a large dog than a small one, but is you have a Chihuahua, don’t let that put you off! If you want to dance with your small breed dog, just kneel down.

Find the word you’d like to use as a command. This could just be ‘dance’ or could be something a little more fun.

Using treats, encourage your dog to stand on their hind legs. If this isn’t a behaviour they’ve performed before, it might take some time to build the strength and balance to stay there. Remember not to over-tire your dog.

Next, practice standing closer to your dog when they’re stood up, and encourage them to rest their forepaws on your shoulders or chest.

When you’ve mastered the pose together, you’re dancing with your dog!

Pass the paper

We’ve all seen those films where the dog collects the newspaper from the porch. Wouldn’t it be great if your pet could do that too? It doesn’t have to be a newspaper; you can teach this trick with anything that might drop through your letterbox.

If you’re learning this advanced dog trick, you’ve probably mastered the art of ‘fetch’. Instead of waiting for the postman, enlist the help of a friend to post packages through your door for your pet to practise with. Teach your dog to associate the noise of the letterbox clanging with their established behaviour: fetch. Every time an item is delivered, say the command, and reward your pet when they pick up the package and bring it to you.

When they have mastered this standing near the door, try moving farther and farther away from it. Soon enough, you should have a very helpful new dog trick!

Shar pei on grass with paper in mouth
dog waiting for treat

Party trick

This is as much of a trick for you as it is for your dog!

Without having to learn a new behaviour, you can really impress everyone with this simple but effective dog trick. It looks great, but isn’t hard to learn.

Use your dog’s favourite, most impressive trick to associate with the new phrase ‘party trick’. Ask your dog for their ‘party trick’, and people will be amazed by their abilities. Your dog has the capacity to learn up to 250 words, so they should pick up this new name pretty easily.

Encourage them to perform the established behaviour, and then begin to use the new command: party trick! Although they may not be sure to begin with, they should soon learn their new cue.

Learning advanced dog tricks will keep your dog engaged, alert and happy. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the sky is the limit!

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