Choosing a dog bed

Which dog bed should you choose? It’s a question that all owners face when they’re looking for a comfortable place for their dog to rest. Just like humans, dogs want a warm and cosy place to go to and sleep. That’s why it’s important to look for a dog bed that is appropriate for the individual needs of your dog.

In this article, we’ve outlined the most important things you should consider when choosing which dog bed is the right one for your dog.

Benefits of a dog bed


Any good dog bed will provide your dog with a soft (usually specially designed) place to rest his joints after a day of activity. As dogs move into their senior years, this becomes more important.

Keeps your dog warm:

Dog beds can help keep your dog warm, which is especially important during the winter when the bed keeps your dog from direct contact with the cold floor.

Privacy and personal space:

Just like most people, your dog will sometimes want a place to relax while they are on their own. A comfortable dog bed allows your dog to get some alone time when they need it.

young beagle sleeping on pillow
alert beagle in dog bed

Other considerations when choosing a dog bed

If you’ve ever looked at your dog while they are sleeping, then you’ve probably noticed that dogs can sleep in various positions: on their back, on their side, curled up or stretched out. It’s important to take this into consideration when choosing which dog bed is right for your dog.

It’s very important that the dog bed you choose allows your dog to take up lots of different positions while staying within the confines of the bed. If the bed is big enough for your dog to lie in while curled up, but too small to fit in while they’re fully-stretched, then your dog might be uncomfortable.

Types of dog bed

There is no ‘best’ type of dog bed. Instead, there are many different types of dog beds and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different needs. In general, round or oval beds are best for dogs who like to curl up whereas mattress beds (which are usually rectangular) are best for when your dog wants to stretch out. If you want your dog to be really cosy then it’s worth considering a box bed which comes with sides. Box beds can be especially good during the winter when it’s cold but you may want to give your dog a different bed during the warmer summer months.

When considering which dog bed is best for your dog, you should make sure that the material is comfortable and also well-padded. It’s also important that the dog bed can be easily washed. If you want to take a dog bed outdoors (e.g. in the garden) then it’s a good idea to select a dog bed that is made of stronger material and that has waterproof or water-resistant qualities.

big dog lying snug in blue bed
cocker spaniel puppy lying on dog bed

Accommodating specific requirements

Some dogs have specific requirements when it comes to dog beds. For example, older dogs with joint conditions may be more suited to an orthopaedic or memory foam that helps to cushion their bodies so they can get in and out more easily.

You might be wondering ‘which dog bed do I get if I have more than one dog?’ If you have more than one dog, it’s best to get multiple dog beds for each dog so they each have a place to sleep on their own and don’t compete. You can always provide a bigger bed so they can snuggle up together should they choose.

For less outgoing dogs, you can look into getting an igloo bed which provides them with a nice place to feel cosy when they want some time to relax on their own.

Where should I put my dog’s bed?

It’s best to put your dog’s bed in a place that is warm and free from draughts. You might also want to have multiple dog beds in the house so your dog can choose where they sleep. For example, a dog bed in a quiet part of the house could be nice for your dog when they want some alone time, but also putting a bed in the living room can be nice when your dog wants to rest near family.

With so many options, choosing which dog bed is the right one for your dog isn’t always the easiest of tasks. However, by following the tips in the article and making sure you assess all the possible options, you can give your dog a comfortable, cosy place to rest that they’ll love you even more for.

dog nose of sleepy dog lying down

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