Cute brown chocolate Labrador with tongue out
Cute brown chocolate Labrador with tongue out
Cute brown chocolate Labrador with tongue out

What You'll Need When You Get a New Puppy

Bringing a new puppy home can be exciting and overwhelming. It is common to feel like you have forgotten something or you have not got the house ready for them just yet. Do not panic, but do plan ahead. It is always best to have things on hand before things get hectic with your new puppy arriving.

We are here to help. In this article, we’ll explore the new puppy essentials that you need to make sure your house is a welcoming place for your pup.


When your puppy comes home, you will need to fit them with a collar, even if they are already microchipped. It is best to do this as soon as possible, as a collar is your identification tag on your puppy. It has their identification details, as well as your contact details. This means that if your puppy gets lost, they are easily identifiable.

You may need to train new puppies to get used to a collar. Make sure you buy the right size (not too tight to hurt them but not too loose so they can fit a leg through the collar and fall).


Of course, your puppy will need a space to sleep. A bed is a new puppy essential and you can make it as innovative or as classic as you like – many people like to choose one that matches their house as well as meeting all their puppy’s needs. Make sure you buy a bed that is not too small or too large: it should be just comfortable enough for them to stretch out.

Take your time choosing a bed, as this will likely become your puppy’s safe space – i.e. the place they call their own and that they can retreat to when upset or when they want to relax. Consider how often you plan on replacing the bed. If you do not plan on replacing it often, make sure you buy one that takes your dog’s adult size into account.

Food and water bowls

Food and water bowls are essential puppy equipment for your dog. These come in several types, such as plastic, steel and even heated water bowls. Simply explore the market for what suits your house best. Try and buy bowls of the right size though: a water bowl for a Chihuahua may not be appropriate for a Great Dane.


This piece of puppy equipment is essential when you start to walk your dog. Consider investing in a harness instead of a lead, as a harness redistributes the weight all around the dog’s back and shoulders, thus making it easier on your dog’s neck when first teaching them.

Stair gates

Stair gates are new puppy essentials if you live in a house with different floors. Stairs are big for puppies and they probably do not have motor skills to handle going down them properly.

Installing a stair gate in your house is a great way to help make it puppy proof. It means your puppy cannot accidentally fall down the stairs and hurt themselves.


Crates are extremely useful pieces of puppy equipment. They are essential for travelling with your puppy, as they keep them safe during car journeys (and are handy for trips to the vet). Crates come in different types and in different sizes. Choose one that suits your needs and make sure it is not too big, as your puppy may feel lost in it.

You will need to crate train your puppy so that they do not fear the crate.


What you feed your puppy in the beginning is very important. Puppies have an incredible amount of energy, but they are also learning a lot about the world all the time – which can be very tiring. Puppies sleep a lot, but they also need good food to help them grow and physically and mentally develop.

Dog food made specially for puppies, then, is a new puppy essential. Take your time choosing a brand that you are confident is nutritious and will help your puppy grow, such as Beta® Puppy.

Poo Bags

It is mandatory under UK law to clean up after your dog, so make sure you invest in poo bags before you bring your puppy home. You can also get biodegradable poo bags, which is a great way to stay environmentally friendly.

Toys and treats

Toys are, of course, a new puppy essential. Not only are they a great way for your dog to have fun, but they can also be used to teach them new skills. It’s especially important to invest in chew toys. All puppies go through a chewing phase when they are teething – if they are not chewing a chew toy, then it is likely to be your shoes or your doorframes!

Treats are also a must. Treats are important for training your puppy, as they provide adequate motivation. Remember not to give your puppy too many treats. Instead, try and coordinate their treat times with teaching times, such as when you are crate training them, house training them or teaching them new tricks.

In this article, we have outlined a checklist to make sure you have everything you need before your puppy comes home. Simply refer to this list and you will be all set!