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Extra Support for Dog Owners - Behaviour


Even the best-behaved dogs can have their moments. From newly adopted dogs, to brand new family puppies, teenage dog angst and even  sometimes lifestyle changes, illnesses or a change in family circumstances for older dogs, means unwanted behaviours become a problem. It can be extremely stressful for both owners and their dogs and it’s often hard to know what to do. Take a look at some  articles from accredited behaviourists and links to training programmes that might help.  

9 min read
How to Stop Puppy Biting, Mouthing & Chewing
It’s only natural for your puppy to nip, mouth and jump up, but when left unchecked these can turn into serious habits that could have been avoided. Find out more about puppy chewing and how to stop a puppy from jumping up and biting.
puppy pulling the stuffing out of a pillow
6 min read
How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behaviour
There are many reasons why your dog may be aggressive, and it may require veterinary advice. Read about the causes of aggressive behaviour in dogs here.
dog wearing a muzzle whilst on a walk
RSPCA Advice for Difficult Dog Behaviour
Every dog is unique and may go through difficult times in their lives. But there is support available for pet owners who are struggling with, or worried about, their dog’s behaviour.
dog held by owner
6 min read
Helping a Scared Dog
Your dog is full of curiosity and fun, but they might be frightened of things too – after all, every dog has a different personality.
frightened dog on sofa
Puppy chewing toy
Join Growing Pup
New puppy parents have a lot to learn, but we’ll make it easy. Every week, you’ll get the advice and support you need to help your puppy grow into a happy and healthy adult, at exactly the time you’ll need it most. Are you ready to begin?
Discover ZigZag
ZigZag is the #1 app dedicated to puppyhood training, with simple bitesize lessons tailored to your pup’s breed & age and on-call help from expert behaviourists and trainers.
adopting a dog
Safely Rehoming your Dog
Sometimes no matter how hard we try or how much we wish it was otherwise, there will be reasons that mean we need to make some difficult decisions. If you’re at the point of considering rehoming your dog, our experts have provided advice on the best way to do this.
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