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Behaviour and training

How to understand and influence your dog's behaviour

How to train your dog

Man with puppy by window

Toilet training your dog

Bringing home a new puppy is such an exciting moment and one you’ll never forget! Although there’s a lot to learn, one thing you’ll want to teach them as soon as they step paws into your home is house training.

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Dog  and owner

How to walk a dog or puppy on a lead

‘Walking the dog’ is a fun activity that lets you and your pet bond and explore the world together! However, teaching your dog to walk on a lead can be a challenging task so it’s important to start training your dog from an early age. To make your adventures safe and easy, teaching your best friend to walk on a lead is a vital first skill.

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Brown dog with woman in park

Basic dog training commands

Teaching and training your dog basic commands and cues is a fun and rewarding experience for both of you. It’s important to begin training your dog at an early age to get the foundations right before your puppy grows into an adult dog. Puppy training and teaching your dog is a great way to spend time together and can also be lots of fun!

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Ongoing training: training older dogs

It’s not just puppies that love the excitement of training, or the emotional bonding you enjoy when they learn new skills. Adult and senior dogs can also enjoy and benefit from ongoing training, especially if life changes a bit.

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