Dog Training and Behaviour

dog training

How to understand and influence your dog's behaviour

Understanding Dog Behaviour

What Types of Dog Growl Mean

Many people believe that dogs growl due to aggression, however there's so many different reasons why your dog may be growling. Read our guide to find out the different types and what they mean.

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Christmas Safety for Dogs

Christmastime is an occasion for fun and merriment for all the family – including your dog! But unfortunately, there are lots of potential dangers and stressors during your dog at this time. If you want to make sure your dog’s happy and safe this Christmas, read our guide.
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Separation Anxiety in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

Get your dog used to spending some alone time without ruining furniture or crying help the minute you leave the house. Try these effective dog separation anxiety solutions.
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Why Do Dogs Lick Things?

Is your dog always rewarding you with slobbery kisses for no apparent reason? Find out why dogs like to lick things.
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Why Do Dogs Pant?

Our dogs pant all the time, especially after a good walk or a fun play session. However, when your dog's panting is paired with additional symptoms, it can be a sign of something more serious. Find out what you should be on the look out for with our guide.
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Can Cats and Dogs Be Friends?

The rivalry between cats and dogs is world renowned and many believe that the two species can't get along because they're just too different. Keep reading to discover the reasoning behind why they generally dislike each other and find out if it's possible for them to be friends with Purina.
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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Most people think that dogs only wag their tails when they're happy, but is that the truth? Read our article to find out everything you need to know about your dog's most invaluable communication tool and what all the different dog tail signs mean.
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Helping Your Dog Cope with Changes at Home

Changes in your home like a separation or a family member moving out can be incredibly stressful for your dog. Where this is a difficult time for all involved, there are still things you can do to help make your dog's life much easier. Keep reading to discover our top ways to help your dog cope with changes at home.
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Do Dogs Dream?

We've all seen the adorable twitch of paws and heard the odd woof whilst our dogs are sleeping, but do dogs really dream? Find out more and learn about what dogs dream about with Purina.
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15 Amazing Dog Facts

Our dogs have always been our most loyal companions, so it's only natural that we want to know as much as we can about them. Keep reading for our top 15 dog facts that you won't believe!
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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Some think that dogs whiskers have no purpose and they have them snipped off at the groomers, but whiskers are actually essential in helping your dog navigate the world! Keep reading to find out more.
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Can Dogs Laugh and Smile?

We often marvel at how human our dogs can seem. They appear to mirror our behaviour and exhibit then same facial expressions and emotions that we feel, whether it’s happy or sad.
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Understanding Dog Body Language

Anyone who’s ever spent time in the company of a dog knows that, just like people, dogs have personalities that are unique to them, and they experience many feelings in exactly the same way as humans and all other mammals.
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How to Stop Aggressive Dog Behaviour

Your dog has a personality completely unique to them – and like all dogs, they have different moods ranging from joyful to scared. However, if your dog is aggressive, you should address it as soon as possible.
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What to Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare; one minute your dog’s there, the next they’re not. Of course it’s upsetting and stressful for you when your dog is missing, but there’s also the added worry that your pet may be scared or hurt.
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How to Deal with Excessive Dog Barking

Dogs don’t rely on vocal communication in the same way humans do, but it still forms a major part of the way they express themselves and their emotions to other dogs – and to their human family.
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How to Show Your Pet You Love Them

At Purina we believe that #WeAreBetterWithPets. Read on to find out about showing your cat or dog affection, and how to strengthen your special bond.
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Helping a Scared Dog

Your dog is full of curiosity and fun, but they might be frightened of things too – after all, every dog has a different personality. Some dogs are fearful by nature, and some scared dogs are more predisposed to it than others.
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Why Does My Dog Bark?

Even though some dogs will make more noise than others, all dogs bark. Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a fully-grown Alsatian, you’ve probably heard them barking in a wide variety of situations.
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Parties, Dogs and Fireworks

Your dog is a delightful companion all year round, and they love to spend time with you whenever they can. Some dogs, though, aren’t as comfortable with unfamiliar sounds and groups of people as you are, so if your dog is scared of fireworks and loud noises, they might need some extra care during celebrations.
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Attention-Seeking Dog Behaviour

Attention-seeking dog behaviour is common – and normal – in puppies. After all, they’ll want their mother to dote on them, will love playing with their littermates and will still be learning their rights from wrongs!
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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and Dirt?

If your dog keeps eating grass or dirt, there’s no need to worry - this isn’t uncommon behaviour by any means, even though it might seem quite strange.
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