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Top 10 Yellow Cat Breeds You Should Know

Top 10 Yellow Cat Breeds You Should Know

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Yellow cats come in all sorts of shades: from light orange to caramel, butterscotch and ginger. If yellow is the hue you’re looking for in a cat, there are many amazing breeds wearing this gorgeous bright colour. Here are some of the most amazing representatives.


The fine, silky fur of the Oriental cat takes all sorts of shades, including yellow hues. These felines come not only with bright colours, but also with sunny personalities. They are active, energetic and extra curious. So be ready to be a hands-on cat parent. Keep a brush handy as the Oriental needs daily brushing to look their very best.


No matter the fur colour, Manx cats are instantly recognisable for their lack of tail. But this is not the only distinctive trait making these kittens the centre of attention. They also come with a beautiful round face, gorgeous eyes and often have a lovely personality. Plus, their fur is fairly easy to care for. When it comes to cat grooming, a brush through once a week will do. If you are considering a Manx cat, it is important to be aware that Manx cats can suffer with a number of health issues, including a potentially serious condition that affects the spine.


You might not think of the Abyssinian as a member of the yellow cat’s club. But this majestic feline does come in various shades of orange and the lighter, sandy hues can be considered yellow through and through.

You will love their short, glossy coat but don’t expect loads of petting as this is not a cat known to stay curled up next to their owner for too long. Abyssinians are explorers who like to be constantly on the go. Luckily, their short coat means that the Abyssinian is not demanding to groom. A weekly check over and polish with a bristle brush will suffice.


If you’re looking for a yellow cat breed similar to the Abyssinian but slightly furrier, the Somali is a wonderful feline. These kittens come in a light yellowish tan colour that will melt your heart. Keep in mind that just like their Abyssinian relatives, the Somali cats are quite the free spirits and won’t hold back from climbing and jumping. These cats will take care of their own grooming though and will only need a weekly brushing to keep their fur looking amazing.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail’s fur comes in all colours, including fawn. So, if you would like a yellowish cat in the family, there are plenty of shades and patterns adorning this breed’s coat, including bright hues. This cat can make a wonderful companion, often happy to follow their owner around and play with whomever is nearby, family or guests.

They love games so much that many American Bobtails have even become adept at playing fetch! Make sure to add a weekly session of brushing in between all those fun times.


The long and luxuriant coat of the Persian is this breed’s crowning glory. And when it comes in a golden hue these felines truly look like royalty. The sweet and quiet Persian does need a helping hand with all its grooming responsibilities. They require daily grooming, sometimes multiple times per day. This is because their dense coat combined with their short stocky body and flat face makes self-grooming quite difficult.

Maine Coon

With 64 different colours and markings, the Maine Coon breed is ready to impress fans of yellow cats. You will surely find a bright-coloured Maine Coon kitten to steal your heart. Although this is quite a large cat, their personality is usually sweet and docile. Plus, they are often excellent self-groomers despite their massive size. However, Maine Coons still need frequent grooming to keep the fur in good condition and reduce shedding.

British Shorthair

The plush fur of the British Shorthair comes in yellowish and orange tabby patterns as well. So, if you can’t resist a playful, loyal kitten that also comes adorned in bright colours, this might be your new companion.

Don’t forget to groom them regularly though. Although this is a shorthaired cat, these felines do come with a thick, dense coat. A weekly brush will help get rid of dead or loose hair, while allowing you to check for any parasites or injuries.

Turkish Angora

There are few sights as stunning as the elegant Turkish Angora. Their fur comes in many colours, including yellowish tabby patterns. Playful, intelligent and gorgeous from head to paws, the Turkish Angora should be a favourite for lovers of yellow cats. These kittens know how to take care of grooming themselves, but owners should help with a weekly comb to remove dead hair and avoid stubborn mats.

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