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Gorgeous White Cat Breeds to Welcome to the Family

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Snow-white fur that’s always soft to touch, big wonderful eyes and cute little meows that greet you every time you get home – having a white cat as a companion is one of life’s biggest joys. Many of these felines come with cool personalities, some of them serene and easy-going, others slightly more rambunctious and fun-loving.

So, no matter how you imagine the ideal four-legged family member to be, you’ll find your perfect match in this group of stunning white fluffy cats. Here they come!

7 Amazing white cat breeds you’ll wish were yours


Famous for collapsing straight into the arms of anyone holding them, Ragdolls are some of the cutest members of the white cats club.

Famous for collapsing straight into the arms of anyone holding them, Ragdolls are some of the cutest members of the white cats club.

Despite the slightly darker face, tail and ears, their white fur is on full display on their body and looks like it was made for endless petting sessions. The best thing is that this silky, soft coat comes with a cat you will love instantly. Ragdolls are easy-going, quick to learn new things and only need a comb or two a week. If you want to spoil a Ragdoll, give them plenty of toys and you’ll be their favourite human forever.


The lovely Persian cats come in all shades, but it’s the snow-white kittens that never fail to mesmerise us. When they’re not busy posing for magazine covers and calendars, Persians are calm and collected companions who love to watch the world pass by while lounging on the sofa or sat in their owner’s lap. Their docile, serene personality makes them one of the kids’ favourite felines, but the rest of the family will love them just as much for their always-graceful demeanour and their fluffy looks. However, this cat’s stunning coat doesn’t come tangle-free, so owners need to dedicate time for daily grooming sessions if they want a Persian white cat in the family."

Cornish Rex

This white cat breed looks and acts like a star. They’re immediately recognisable thanks to their white curls, beautiful eyes and large ears that look specially designed to never miss a word of praise coming their way. And there’s a lot to shout out about when it comes to this cat. They’re not at all shy to show off their canine-like skills to open doors and play fetch. Plus, they’re highly intelligent and will learn pretty much every trick under the sun. But the most endearing quality of the Cornish Rex cats is that they love humans so much that they’re always keeping an eye on their owners, just in case they need a kiss or a hug from their feline friend. 

Scottish Fold

They’re famous for wearing their ears folded over, but there’s so much more that sets Scottish Fold cats apart from the other felines out there.

They’re affectionate and always craving for their owner’s attention. So, whether you’re reading a book, preparing a meal or doing anything else in between, the Scottish Fold will want to be part of the action. And if you can spare some time for daily playing and petting, you’ll have a happy kitten on your hands. Fans of white cat breeds are in luck, as this cat’s dense coat comes in different colours, including white.

Siberian Cat

Who doesn’t love fluffy white cats? The Siberian cat comes with a coat that has three layers of fluffiness, which means there’s plenty to love about this feline. No wonder they like to wear their coats thick. The breed was first developed in Russia, so having as many layers of fluff as possible was helpful during the long, cold winters. But these days the Siberian cat graces many homes all over the world with their lovely presence. If you want an affectionate pet that somehow knows how to be the perfect host and loves entertaining guests with their confident, playful side, then the Siberian Cat might just be the new fluffy family member you’re looking for.

Japanese Bobtail

If the Japanese Bobtail looks familiar, then you’re probably reminded of the ‘waving lucky cat’ figurines which are commonly shaped after this breed. These cats come with silky coats (that can also be white) and signature short bunny-like tails. Wondering what it’s like to share a home with the Japanese Bobtail? They’re a quiet, calm companion but a little bit mischievous. If they’re not busy playing with their favourite toys, or learning new tricks to impress their usually big social circle, they’ll be often seen getting cosy in their owner’s lap. The Japanese Bobtail is one of the best white fluffy cat breeds to have by your side.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora cats come with big coats and big personalities that can take unsuspecting, new owners by surprise. They’ve got a mind of their own and when paired with their athletic abilities and impressive smarts make for a fun companion that will keep you busy with their endless antics. Their luxurious coat is a joy to pet, so never-ending hugs are a part of the deal with this cat. But they do need a lot of care and grooming to keep their fur under control. If you can handle a boisterous but extremely affectionate cat, then this feline might be the one for you.

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